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There are many alternatives to losing weight and burn fat, nevertheless, one of the best ways of achieving it is by placing the right foods on our plates during our meals. If you can combine a healthy diet with a good workout routine, the results will be amazing or if you combine your diet with high-quality natural fat burners, you will also be very pleased with the results. Today we bring you a list of some of the best fat burners available today divided into two different categories: foods and supplements since they are the perfect couple to burn fats quickly.

Foods that works as the best fat burners

fat burners food

Food has the potential of regulating our body activity, it is literally the fuel of our body and just like in any other automobile, the higher the quality of the fuel, the better the performance of the car. For our body is exactly the same. If we ingest quality food, it will answer accordingly.

Therefore, let’s start with the best fat-burning foods:


Avocado is a unique fruit. Its origin is located in Mexico, but its future is located worldwide because this bad boy is one of the healthier foods existing on earth, not to mention it is very delicious.

Fruits usually contain carbohydrates while this fat burn food just contains pure healthy fats, needed for those fat-burning process being developed in our bodies.


fat burners fish

Omega-3 fatty acids are very important to have a normal metabolism, those fats, which are also considered “good fats” are essential for the body functioning, yet it is not found very easily. Two of the most important of them, EPA and DHA, can be found in any type of fish, but salmon, trout, sardines, mackerel, and tuna are the richest of them.

Having a fish-based diet for a couple of weeks will usually burn the fat located in your waistline.


fat burners oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the foods with the highest levels of fibers, which puts insulin and sugar levels down, keeping fat burning process high. In fact, many investigations have proven how whole grains (including oatmeal) can help you burn as twice as calories as you usually do with a regular diet.

In a survey performed in the U.S, oatmeal was ranked as the 4th most healthy food in a list of more than 70 foods and beverages

Additionally, by including this food in your diet, you get skin, your heart, and even your color get benefited from it.


fat burners chia

Chia is a plant species of the mint family and one of the “superfoods” in the healthy community thanks to its incredible benefits. It is a rich source of fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, minerals and vitamins.

It contributes to stabilizing and improving your metabolism, accelerating the fat-burning process. It also promotes nutrients absorption, achieving an overall, healthier body.


fat burners nutsIn the top of our list for fat burners foods, we find nuts, which contain some powerful nutrients that can contribute to weight loss. Most of nuts are very effective to burn fat in consumed properly, nevertheless, the most popular and the ones that are more commonly used in diets and diet products are:

  • Brazilian nuts
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Pistachios

They are considered to be “good fats”, well, actually the “best good fats”, nuts are a combination of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, but each one of them has very specific characteristics that contribute to improving blood cholesterol levels, reduce the risks of facing heart diseases, and balance insulin levels and blood sugar.

Among the many fat burn foods, nuts take the golden medal if you’re looking to lose weight.

Now, let’s check the list of the best fat burners’ ingredients in the supplements industry and some of the most popular fat burning pills at the moment.


fat burners

Konjac is a plant which also known as elephant yam, snake palm, devil’s tongue and konnyaky potato, just to name a few. It is native from the eastern Asia but its use is spreading all over the world thanks to its weight losing properties.

It has created a whole new dietary industry, made with products that are based on this ingredient, but unfortunately, with too many chemicals additives, just like most fat burn supplements.

However, the extract of this plant itself, it’s great if you’re looking to get rid of those extra pounds since it provides a fullness sensation, which reduces the quantities we would usually eat in normal circumstances.

Green coffee bean extract

fat burners green coffee

It is not the first time coffee shows up as a fat-burning alternative, even though it is still not confirmed if drinking coffee contributes to losing weight, products made of the extract of its green beans can actually deliver very good results.

It contains some compounds that are known as chlorogenic acids, proven to be very important for their antioxidant properties and to significantly help to burn fats.

Raspberry Ketone

fat burners raspberry ketone

The Raspberry Ketone is a substance that can be found not only in raspberries but also in blackberries and kiwis, its most important function is to provide these small fruits with their respective aromas.

It has been used many times in the past in the food industry to incorporate those aromas in ice-creams, some beverages, and several processed foods, but now its north has changed.

The molecular structure of this substance speeds our metabolism, accelerating our digestion and burning our accumulated fats even quicker.

Garcinia cambogia among the best fat burners

Fat Burners Garcinia Cambogia

This is so far the best fat-burning supplement at the moment, even though the rest of the list is pretty good, there’s a big space difference between this fat-burner and the rest of them.

The Garcinia Cambogia is a plant which coincidentally is also native from the southeastern region of Asia, until just a few years ago, it wasn’t relevant for the diet market, but after Dr. Oz described its unbelievable benefits in a live show, the number of products made of this basic and effective ingredient started to appear as popcorn.

Although there are a lot of products containing Garcinia Cambogia extract, just a few them know how to process this plant properly in order to take full advantage of its benefits.

Pure Cambogia Ultra is one of them. A reliable company that was tired of artificial supplements and decided to create its own product made of only 100% natural ingredients, among them, the fat-burner of the year: Garcinia Cambogia.

Here’s 3 Simple Steps for Burn Fat Faster & Easy Right Now!

If you are currently on a diet, working out or taking supplements, but you need to burn fat faster, you will find this article very appropriate. It will allow you to identify the wrong-doings of your current routine and help you replace them with very effective alternatives that will get you on the weight for having the body of your dreams.

how to burn fat

1- Cut out sugars and carbs from your diet

The best way to burn fat fast is to get rid of all sugary foods and to considerably reduce the number of carbs we ingest daily.

Sugarsburn fat sugar

Sugar, unfortunately, despite the how good of an ingredient it is, it’s incredibly dangerous for our health and it’s the cause of many diseases. Not only we see it present in sodas, cakes, cookies, ice-creams, among others, but it’s also present in many other foods even though they are not considered to be sweet, we’re talking here about bread, dressings, condiments, and sauces. You’re eating those without even noticing. This is without counting the sugar we can put in beverages such as coffee or teas.

According to several investigations, the average adult consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars per year! That’s a scary number, isn’t it? There’s more, that would lead to more than 22 teaspoons eaten daily and more than 8000 yearly. That’s twice of what Medical associations recommend. Those amounts of sugar won’t help if you are looking to lose burn that belly fat.

Reducing the number of sugars is not an easy task, but you can begin by choosing which foods contain the lower sugar amounts, filter your options and select what’s healthier for your body. Don’t get confused by names like high fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, sucrose or molasses, that’s just another way of saying “sugar”, but with more a positive welcome effect. When people hear those names instead of the so-polemic sugar, they usually tend to buy those products. Don’t fall for that.

If you are very dependent on sweeteners, when grocery shopping, look for products labeled as “unsweetened” or “sugar-free”

Carbsburn fat carbs

Carbs are bread, pasta, popcorns, potatoes, beans, almost others. These are what they call “good carbs” since the number of nutrients it provides to the body is almost null.  They can be good if you’re consuming plenty of energy during your day, but it you’re going to eat any of those foods before going to bed, that energy will turn into fat and with that, the process of burning fat will even more complicated. That’s the complete opposite of fat burners.

By cutting those foods, you’ll notice how some your clothes will start to look bigger. That’s the really sweet part of applying this excellent tip to burn fat faster.

2- Spend at least 30 minutes in some sort of physical activity to burn fat faster

This is the part where it gets complicated. We usually we don’t have the time or the will to exercise but it’s actually one of the most effective methods for burning very quickly, very easily and it even very entertaining.

Some people don’t tend to appreciate exercise until they find an activity they really enjoy performing. Some go walking or jogging for an hour every day, some decide to train at a gym, and some decide to burn their calories at home with routine videos from the internet. It’s just about finding what you enjoy the most.

Once you do, you’ll start seeing exercise as something you’re eager to do rather than just see it as “a thing I’m supposed to do”. Check your alternatives and start trying, you have to potential of achieving a healthier and completely new lifestyle with just a few hours a week of exercising

By working out, not only you start to burn fat faster, but you also get to:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve motivation regarding other daily activities
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Have a better shape
  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • Socialize

Depending on your body type and on your health conditions, there might be some activities more advantageous than others for you, to find that out, check with your doctor or with your personal trainer! Don’t lose the opportunity of enjoying one of the most natural fat burners existing.

Additionally, once you start getting used to this type of routine, you will even learn how to target body areas for burning fat, for example, by doing sit ups, you will certainly learn how to burn belly fat.

how to burn fat belly

3- Take weight-loss body supplements

Weight-losing supplements and pills are another great methods for losing weight and burning fat faster. Some companies have really developed incredible products with very effective results, that can be noticed in just a couple of weeks of using them.

However, you should be very careful with fat burners, because there are some not-very-reliable companies that are taking advantage of the popularity of these products to just sell fat-burning supplements with nice labels, but with 0 effects on your body.

Many of them add synthetic ingredients that are not known to be healthy and that have not even been tested. Not the mention the potentially dangerous side effects you might encounter with some of them.

If you are looking to burn fat quickly, your safest and best choice is to go with supplements made from natural ingredients. When choosing which product to buy, try to look for one which contains Garcinia Cambogia Extract. This is the extract of a fruit that can be found in Southeast Asia and that has gotten quite popular over the last few years as a weight-losing treatment.

It got even more popular when Dr. Oz recommended it on a live show.

Between the many Garcinia Cambogia products that are available today, we highly recommend Pure Cambogia Ultra, the latest and so far, the best product of its kind. It’s exclusively made from the extract of this product and it does not contain any other synthetic ingredient, just a small amount of potassium that contributes to its absorption.

If you hear the testimonies of the previous users of this fat burner, you’ll be shocked with their amazing stories. Most of them started to notice the results in just a few weeks and after a couple months, they were completely new persons.

With these 3 simple steps, you’re now a master on how to burn fat easily and sustainably!

How to Lose Weight Fast and Effective In A Month? Don’t Miss It!

We all know that losing weight can be complicated especially if we find ourselves with a tight schedule that doesn’t allow us to go training, you’re probably wondering how to lose weight fast with these circumstances.

Luckily for you, today, we give you list of simple but very effective tips that will deliver incredible results in less than one month.

how to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast with our diet

Most people get scared when they hear for the first time this four-letter word, nevertheless, it’s an understandable situation since there are many of those diets that aren’t either delicious nor nutritious. Some of them impose a very severe regimen that no human body is capable of standing.

This, dear friend, it’s the reason why we don’t even make it to a month when starting a diet.

Because a diet is not about restricting the portions we eat or eating salad 24/7, it’s about finding healthy and balanced meals and considering the wide variety of foods that can now be easily found in any supermarket, the scenario becomes simpler.

By just implementing some small changes to what we put on our plates, the results will be easily seen in less than a month and additionally, if we combine healthy foods with high-quality natural supplements (fat burners) we will be finally able to learn how to lose weight fast.

If we do it right, we’ll learn more than that. We can target the areas in which we are trying to lose weight and be more versed on how to lose weight in a month.

What do we have to do?

1- Stop eating outside!

Sometimes our meal time, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner catches us in the middle of our routine or when we are already too tired from our routine. At that moment, it could look like our easiest choice is to order take-out from any restaurant in town, right? WRONG

By preparing your meals yourself, you get the chance of not only saving tons of money but also of using more healthy ingredients in your recipes.

Restaurants and food chains tend to use industrial products, which are not quite known for being healthy. Additionally, this way you can control the amount of sugar, salt, pepper and other condiments that are sometimes overused in our meals.

Keep reading for more keys on how to lose weight!

2- Water!

Most people ignore the importance of water, just because we don’t feel thirsty doesn’t mean we do not need to drink water. In fact, this could be the best moment to take advantage of it.

If you’re trying to lose weight fast it’s a very good alternative and it’s even more effective if you combine with natural supplements and a healthy diet.

First of all, by drinking water it prevents us from drinking another type of unhealthy beverage like milkshakes, sodas, beer or wine, even though they are extremely delicious, they are not anyhow recommended if you have a clear goal.

The scientific community has advised an average of 8 glasses of water a day, it might seem difficult, but the results are worth it if you’re trying to lose weight fast.

Tip! If you drink a glass of water before every meal, you will find yourself with a fullness sensation much sooner and therefore, you won’t eat as much food as you would usually eat.

3- Eat slowly!

Hunger sometimes reveal the true nature of humans, eating as quickly as possible and then facing a horrible fullness sensation that won’t let us even walk.

When we eat too fast, we don’t realize how much we’re truly eating and since this happens, we even have a second round or even a third round of that good meal. Mistake, big mistake!

By eating slowly, whether it is by chewing more or by taking smaller bites, we let the food “sink in” and, we feel full sooner and end up consuming much fewer calories. This fact was even confirmed by the Texas Christian University three years ago.

Eating in the right proportions will help you that extra weight in a matter of weeks.

4- Eat more meals, not bigger meals!how to lose weight in a month

Skipping your breakfast or your dinner isn’t the solution if you are trying to lose weight quickly. This message about eating less in order to reduce the number of calories we ingest has widely spread in our society, but you know what? FALSE!

The usually large wait time between meals make us feel even more hungry when putting our foot on the table, we’re so hungry we don’t realize we are eating more of what we would really need to go on with our day.

Even though it’s essentially true, fewer calories, less fat, less weight, but it’s not a sustainable weight loss, it creates a broken relationship with food and not to mention, it doesn’t let us enjoy food! Do you know how horrible does that sound?

Nutritionists highly advise to schedule our meals 5 or 6 times a day: a small breakfast, a mid-morning snack, a regular lunch, a mid-afternoon snack and dinner (which should the smallest meal of all) and if necessary, a mid-night healthy snack.

Instead of three large meals, you will have 5 o 6 small meals, accelerating your metabolism and losing weight in a matter of weeks.

5- Natural supplements!

Natural supplements are a big help for losing weight, their natural ingredients have multi-function properties that attack the accumulated fats of our body, accelerate our metabolism and give us amazing results very quickly.

We only recommend weight-losing supplements made of natural ingredients. Those artificial supplements are just a combination of chemical and unhealthy ingredients with uncertain side-effects.

If you are looking for a good supplement, search for products that contain Garcinia Cambogia, a very flavorful fruit with amazing weight-losing functions. The fruit got a lot more popular when it got the “approved” seal from many health organizations, nevertheless, there is a big number of companies that are using the Garcinia Cambogia for just marketing purposes without offering anything real to their clients. So, be careful!

Your safest and -in our opinion – best choice is Pure Cambogia Ultra, a certified supplement made to offer its clients a real solution for losing weight in the quickest range of time and for very reasonable prices. Check it out!

If anyone else asks you how to lose weight fast or what was the key for losing so much so fast, don’t hesitate in recommending this amazing product.