Back Brace: The Posture Corrective Brace That Doctor’s Will Hide…

Back Brace: The Posture Corrective Brace That Doctor’s Will Hide…
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8 out of every 10 Americans suffers from back pain at some point of their lives. In fact, back pain is one of the main reasons why adults visit doctors and it is one of the most common complaints we receive in the medical field. Whether acute or chronic, back pain can be very difficult to deal with and it can affect people’s livelihood and health.

There are many different reasons why adults experience back pain and there are also many solutions and ways to find relief. Although some injuries can require medical intervention and even surgery, many of the most common back ailments can be resolved with a tool as simple as a Posture Corrective back brace that can offer support and healing to all of our patients.

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can fall into one of two camps, acute or chronic. Acute back pain usually occurs after a strain or injury and takes about 6 weeks or less to resolve itself with proper treatment. Chronic back pain, on the other hand, is pain that can last for months and even years. Some of the most common causes of lower back pain include bad posture, torn ligaments and muscle strain.

Here I have included a list of the most common reasons for both chronic and acute back pain:

  • Lower Back Sprain
  • Muscle Strain in Back
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Postural Problems
  • Stress Fractures
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain
  • Facet Joint Pain
  • Osteoarthritis in the back

Relief for Back Pain with a Posture Corrective Brace

Depending on the cause of your back pain, it may require surgery or some type of medical intervention. For many cases, however, rest, the application of cold and heat, and a back brace will resolve and prevent further pain. This is especially true for cases of a back sprain, muscle strain, sciatica and problems with posture. When facing an injury or when dealing with chronic back pain, finding a quality back support brace can spell the difference between living with back pain or finding secure relief.

Using a high quality back brace like the Posture Corrective Brace along with stretching, the application of heat and cold, exercising (when advisable), rest and pain medication can lead to some amazing and permanent results.

Posture Corrective

Using the Posture Corrective Brace for Managing Back Pain

back brace or posture corrector can be used for pain that is caused by problems like sciatica, osteoporosis, scoliosis, and bulging discs. Posture Corrective Braces are often prescribed to adolescents and children who have scoliosis in order to prevent its advancement. They are also prescribed after surgeries in order to help with rehabilitation and recovery.

A posture brace is very effective in relieving acute back pain while a patient heals, but they are also great for healing and preventing chronic back pain caused by strain related injuries or bad posture. Here I have listed a few of the uses for a back brace:

  • They are used to stabilize the spine after surgery.
  • Posture braces are helpful after in an initial low back injury, because they limit the movement of the spine in the area of the lower back. Limiting movement can allow many back injuries to heal.
  • Back braces support the abdomen, improve posture, and help take off the strain that can be experienced in the lower back.
  • Back braces will help make it more comfortable to do transitional movements when a patient is experiencing back pain.
  • Back braces for men and women can help take off the load from your lower back during labor-intensive work.
  • A back support brace is useful as a posture support for people who have sedentary jobs that also strain the back from being in improper positions for a long time (Think people hunched over a computer all day).

My Recommendation for an Effective Posture Corrective Brace

There are a number of different back braces out on the market. They will cater to different health conditions and needs. You can either go for a rigid brace or a soft/elastic brace. A rigid brace is generally reserved for serious conditions of the back and are best chosen with the help or prescription of a doctor. They are generally made of plastic, they are heavy, can be pretty hot and limit almost half of all spinal motion. They are reserved for conditions such as scoliosis, a spinal fracture, or after spinal surgery.

Soft braces, or elastic braces, are used for less serious (but no less painful) back conditions. They are often used for back braceosteoarthritis, posture problems, or spinal conditions. They vary in shape, material and coverage and you can pretty much pick them out on your own. However, it’s important to do research and find the best back brace for you in order for it to be effective and for you to not waste your money.

For this reason, I recommend the Adjustable Magnetic Back Brace. This Back brace is made of high quality materials which include 60% polyester, 17% rubber, 15% nylon, 8% cotton. An adjustable brace that fits waists 24’ – 43’, this unisex posture corrector will fit your body perfectly and comfortably.

One of the best things about this brace is that it has magnets inside to offer magnetic therapy that has been proven to decrease neck and back pain. Many doctors seem to want to hide the secret of magnetic therapy, but as a professional who takes a holistic approach to medicine, I feel obligated to share the effectiveness of it. This unique product is number 1 in sales because of its effectiveness, high quality and because it is lightweight, can be worn underneath your clothing, and its price point is extremely affordable.

In Conclusion

Not all back problems can be healed with the use of a back brace; Posture corrective braces, however, can help reduce chronic lower back pain, and will help patients recover from a number of surgeries and health conditions.

When you use a back brace as a tool to help you reduce and manage your pain, the results are extremely effective. Make sure that you use a high quality and effective Posture Corrective Back Brace like the one I mentioned and you will see positive changes in how your back feels. By using a back brace and following the tips I outlined above, you’re guaranteed to reduce your lower back pain.

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