Male Extra: does it really get you back on track?

Male Extra: does it really get you back on track?
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Our sexual performance is more important than we would think. It’s actually a very relevant aspect of any relationship we are holding, whether it is our marriage, our girlfriend, our friend with benefits. A bad sexual performance can lead to the deterioration of this type of relationship. Male Extra is one product that aims to aid this particular bedroom dilemma, but, there is a supplement that really whips Male Extra’s product’s butt.

The symptoms of a bad sexual performance are numerous; we could be dealing with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or just the incapacity of pleasing a woman due to lack of stamina.

This physical bond ends up being as important as our emotional or mental bond and if we’re not capable of fulfilling it, it has major consequences for ourselves, as men, and for our relationship. Not good at all, especially when you know there are some alternatives out there that can help you get of this situation.

Why does this happen? There are several factors involved, but the most influent ones are related to our blood pressure and testosterone levels, if we are having problems with those, there’s a higher chance we find ourselves in any of the scenarios mentioned above.

Erectile dysfunction is commonly a result of stress, and this is where Rx24 really comes in handy. While Male Extra focuses on improving the blood flow to…that area, Rx24 actually solves the problem by increasing testosterone levels.

On top of that, Rx25 also strengthens your muscles, betters your sexual performances, and also enlarges your sexual organs (which is a pretty good side effect, right?). Male Extra fails to do anything this good.


Blood-related issues, which are usually seen as we get older, tend to be one of many causes of erectile dysfunction.

The masculine sexual organ contains many veins and arteries, as we get a sexual stimulant; our brain sends an electrical signal to our nervous system that rushes blood to these arteries and veins. As blood flows in, our penis expands and stiffens, getting an erection. The more blood is rushed, the stronger our erection will be.

When we have a better blood flow, our sexual drive is enhanced since it allows us to get and keep an erection for longer, which let us deliver better results in our performance.

erectile dysfunction

Additionally, it has been seen that men who suffer from blood pressure also tend to suffer from low testosterone levels.

Testosterone, the male sex hormone, also plays a major role in our sexual activities – a slightly bigger one than blood flow. If our levels are below standards, we could probably be facing an erectile dysfunction at any time, regardless of our age. If you see twenty-years old complain about having problems in bed, you already know the reason.

After years of research, Male Extra has combined a series of quality natural ingredients that tackles one of these problems – it doesn’t exactly solve all these circumstances and allow you to recover your sexual performance in a blink of an eye. However, Rx24 actually combats the testosterone levels by simply making them higher, whereas to summarize what Male Extra really does, it just increases the blood flow to your little precious ‘thing’, which only strengthens your erections, and that can be a pain in the butt, especially when you are out in public, if you catch my drift…

Male Extra vs Rx24

Since erectile dysfunctions have become a major problem in our society, there are many companies who have taken advantage of this situation to launch their own products and, unfortunately, Male Extra is just an example of one of these (admittedly it doesn’t do anything, but what it does do isn’t particularly great).

It is sometimes better to describe something by explaining what it is not instead of what it is. In this case, we can define a good product as the one that doesn’t contain artificial or chemical ingredients.

Additionally, it shouldn’t have any side effects and most importantly, it must be truly effective, it should deliver the results that are promised on its advertisements. To be fair, Male Extra does satisfy two of these but Rx24 fulfills all of these requirements, and so when you look at the effects each one has, Rx24 wins hands down.

Surprisingly, Male Extra has recently had an astonishing increase in sales, but I believe that is down to people not being fully aware of it’s rival, Rx24, a far better and much more impressive product.

We decided to give both products a look and to perform a full analysis on them, creating a full perspective for you so you can realize that Rx25 is a much better option for you.

What is Male Extra?

We’ve already mentioned Male Extra several times, but what exactly is it?

This is a sexual booster directed for men who are currently suffering from erectile dysfunctions or similar problems like the ones mentioned above. This booster contributes to achieving a better blood flow that will consequently let you have longer and stronger erections.

But it’s just more than that, it also helps that the transportation of oxygen and nutrients through our body be carried out much faster, increasing our resistance and stamina for those special nights. However Rx24 does all of this and more and it actually does it properly.

As in it actually does something that will make a difference – it increases testosterone levels, it doesn’t just increase blood flow.

But anyway…

How does Male Extra do this?

“Top-notch” natural ingredients! (There not actually quite top-notch, but they are natural and pretty surprising)

male extra


Unfortunately, the supplements industry puts a lot of artificial and toxic ingredients in the tablets we take, but they always sell their products as “healthy”, “effective” and “free of side effects”. If you have taken supplements in the past, you know most of those adjectives aren’t true.

In our opinion, we repeat, in our opinion, products that are only made of natural ingredients have better results than artificial products.

It happens for weigh-gaining supplements, it happens for fat-burning supplement and sexual boosters are no exception, and we believe that with Male Extra this rule still applies. Therefore, the products are 100% natural, but so are Rx24, and Rx24’s ingredients are 100% more effective.

The key ingredients in Male Extra are:

  • Pomegranate: this fruit is rich in ellagic acid, an antioxidant that is known to improve blood flow in our bodies and therefore, allowing us to get longer and sustainable erections (I mean pomegranate, really? Doesn’t sound too convincing to me…)
  • Cordyceps: this is an Asian plant that has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac.

This compares to the key ingredients in Rx24:

  • Testofen Fenugreek seed extract: extracted from a very rare herb that is only cultivated in China, this ingredient is capable of increasing testosterone levels in our body.
  • Epimedium: a herb with natural sexual stimulating properties, capable of solving an erectile dysfunction.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: protects your body from the damage caused by free radicals thanks to its antioxidant properties. While free radicals are the cause of aging, this ingredient delays the process.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: it is used on the traditional medicine to treat erectile dysfunction problems and low levels of testosterone.

The second lot sound a lot more useful, right?


Some products solve a problem but create others; this is exactly what side effects are – the unwanted results.

Sexual boosters sometimes give us a better sexual performance and happier nights, but it exchanges it for heart diseases, as it has happened thousands of time. For example, when taking viagra which it’s the most popular solution for erectile dysfunction, the risks of suffering a heart attack considerably increase.

None of this happens with Male Extra. Its natural formula provides a risk-free solution for sexual interferences, as does Rx24’s. The only side effects you get with these products are apparently positive: the ones mentioned before and you can even benefit from the fat-burning properties of these products.

  • How to take male extra?

Male Extra is presented in capsules or tablets that need to be taken three times a day with every meal. It’s that easy. But it is also a pain in the butt – especially if you are forgetful or want to keep the whole matter to yourself.

  • What do users have to say about this product?

When doing our reviews we also pay attention to other previous reviews to verify its reputation in the community of past users. While doing our research we, admittedly, found very positive comments on the web, here are some of the most popular ones:

David L., Sydney. Australia

Even though I am still young (32 years old) or that’s what I think, I started to have problems in bed. I didn’t know why, but I just couldn’t get an erection. It happened many times and it was honestly frustrating and I decided to get help. I didn’t want to suffer from impotence from such an early age.

A friend of mine talked me about Male Extra and Rx24 so I decided to give a try and thank God, I did, all went back to normality and I can say that it even got better! Because I now find myself with a lot more stamina when “on the job”. I think that Rx24 works better for me.

Peter L., Toronto. Canada

Sometimes it was smooth, sometimes it was awful. I hated to be the one that ruined the show because my friend down there decided to leave early, it created many uncomfortable moments and it was slowly killing my relationship with my girlfriend. So, I said no more, we have to do something about it.

I was very skeptical about going through conventional treatments or medications; I decided to try instead a natural supplement. Male Extra was good”.

However we also decided to ask people about Rx24:

Christopher B., Alberta, Canada

“When I started to deal with an erectile dysfunction, at first I didn’t pay it attention, I thought I was just dealing with something temporary. More than 6 months happened and nothing had changed, so I decided to go to the doctor. The exams showed my testosterone levels were below normal, so he immediately recommended me to take RX24.

In less than one month, I was enjoying the results and my wife was very happy we could go back to normal. This natural supplement was the end of all my worries.”

David P., Canberra, Australia

“When I was 42 I noticed my sexual performance wasn’t the same anymore, whenever I was with my wife, something always happened.  I went to the doctor and he told exactly what I was most afraid of: I was suffering from erectile dysfunction. We went for some hormonal treatments, which didn’t work at all.

My wife heard about Rx24 and she decided to order a sample jar. When I took the first table, I was already feeling something different inside me. After two weeks, I finally felt the true potential of these results and was able to please my wife in bed.  I never thought a natural treatment would be more effective than a conventional medication, but truth is it was!”

Do we recommend Male Extra?

Although there are many alternatives for treating an erectile dysfunction, if we were you we would first try with a natural sexual supplement and if we would have to recommend one specifically, we would have to choose Rx24 over Male Extra, due to the far more effective results it supplies you with!