What does the NiacinMax oral strip REALLY do?

What does the NiacinMax oral strip REALLY do?
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Athletes depend on proper oxygen circulation and blood flow to maximize their workouts. If they don’t receive the right kind of cellular aid during a workout, fatigue occurs. And this happens when the muscles are void of oxygen and other important nutrients that the muscles need.

No matter a person’s level of training, a fitness enthusiast must depend on key biological strategies to maximize each workout to reach the highest level of performance possible.

Introducing NiacinMax… An oral-dissolving strip that delivers potent, fast-acting Niacin, which safely helps to increase blood flow to the muscles, delivering oxygen and other important nutrients the body needs.

What is NiacinMax?

NiacinMax is a sports and fitness supplement designed to help sports enthusiasts of all levels unleash their potential. Because niacin is absorbed through the mucosal tissue in the mouth and directly into the bloodstream instead of passing through the digestive system, the active ingredient is delivered faster than conventional pill supplements – which is pretty great, but it’s okay if you don’t agree.

This scientifically formulated, bio-structured niacin supplement comes in the form of a thin strip of film that dissolves on the tongue – tasty.

NiacinMax Benefits

Fat burning and muscle growth

Niacin has gained huge interest among endurance athletes (not quite Mo Farrah, though) because of its ability to increase the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity, which can have a major beneficial impact on athletic performance and endurance. For the same reason, bodybuilders looking to increase their training volume and intensity also stand to gain much from the use of niacin, not to mention its ability to supercharge human growth hormone levels during exercise by over 600% which can significantly improve muscle growth – great for any Hulk fans, or anyone really, unless this isn’t really your thing, which is fine.

Niacin is also a B complex vitamin that your body uses for metabolizing protein, fat and carbohydrates. Niacin is largely found in high-protein foods like meats, nuts and beans.

Niacin has remarkable benefits on fat burning and muscle growth. Supplements taken with NiacinMax can dramatically reduce fatty build-up and fragmentation, which can stop these fatty components from entering the blood. Niacin is also found to increase human growth hormone.

This hormone is especially important to athletes and bodybuilders, as it regenerates the cells in the muscles and other body parts and organs. The pituitary glands produce GH, but with age this GH production decreases, which is why Niacin is crucial for GH production.

Explosive energy and performance

Niacin is essentially energy production at the cellular level. Niacin causes the blood vessels to dilate, allowing a dramatic increase in blood flow.

Users taking Niacin commonly experience a flush feeling on the skin. The blood vessels dilate and nutrients get transported quickly to the brain and to the muscles.

Niacin (referred to as nicotinic acid and Vitamin B3) is proven to quickly transport nutrients throughout the body and it helps convert stored carbs into glucose, which your body can then use to produce energy.

Quick delivery to the bloodstream 

NiacinMax uses a unique delivery technology – a dissolving tongue strip delivery system that delivers Niacin into the bloodstream within minutes.

The liposomal encapsulation protects the active ingredient until it reaches the cells, giving NiacinMax a higher bioavailability (up to 90% of the active ingredient is absorbed by the body).

Improved concentration 

Niacin has significant effects on the circulatory and nervous system and is critically important to brain function.

Studies have shown that niacin has helped the elderly sharpen their mental clarity … and has even eased the symptoms from those suffering from mental illness.

Because Niacin dilates the blood vessels, it easily brings more oxygen to the brain, thus enabling proper brain health nutrition and clarity. It also aids athletes in an increase in mind-to-muscle concentration.


Each NiacinMax strip contains 75 mg of pure niacin and 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients.niacinmax ingredients

NiacinMax avoids the digestive system and delivers up to 90% pure niacin straight into the bloodstream.

NiacinMax is developed by a prominent European bioscience laboratory and produced using first-rate CE approved manufacturing equipment.

Other Reasons To Try NiacinMax, but really, you don’t have to if you don’t feel it is for you

  • NiacinMax is a natural antioxidant which helps defend against exercise-induced cell damage, helping maximize the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity
  • Niacin may also have anti-aging properties . Research has found that niacin activates age-related enzymes called sirtuins, which may help control age-related disorders
  • No side effects and a less intense niacin flush than other brands
  • Mild and pleasant citrus flavored strip dissolves on your tongue
  • Available worldwide

Here’s what this professional bodybuilder is saying about NIACINMAX …

niacinmax testimony

“My name is Greg Miller and I know adversity pretty well. Four years ago, after having lost my job and having gone through a divorce, I had gained more than lbs. I was depressed, alone and worst yet, I felt terrible about the way I looked. I was told by doctors that if I didn’t shape up quick, I could possibly die from a heart attack. Taking that news head on, I made it my personal mission to get back into shape. The only problem was I couldn’t focus, and my lack of motivation due to my circumstances led me into a downward spiral. My friend at the time, who was a gym nut, recommended I try NiacinMax. Not only was it the supplement I needed to see results at the gym, it helped me focus better and really take life head on. I’ve tried other Niacin supplements, but they gave me a flush feeling on my skin that made me feel weird. Niacin didn’t give me that feeling. With all the sweat, blood and tears I put into my workout, NiacinMAX was right there giving me the proper blood circulation I needed to take my workouts to the next level.”

How to order NiacinMax?

You can order your NiacinMax through their secure online server (Only if you believe this is what you are looking for)

There is a 100% money back guarantee in the official website (so don’t worry if you made the wrong decision in purchasing this).

So if you’re unhappy with NiacinMax, just mail back your product for a full refund at any time.

Is Buying NiacinMax recommendable?

I suppose it is. NiacinMax has no side effects and is proven to have a less intense niacin flush than other brands, but you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want, we don’t really mind. Niacin is produced using 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is developed by a prominent European bioscience laboratory using

Niacin is produced using 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is developed by a prominent European bioscience laboratory using first-rate CE approved manufacturing equipment, but it’s understandable of all this posh science stuff doesn’t really make sense to you…it doesn’t make sense to me either.

To summarize, this is what NiacinMax really does:

  • Amplifies your energy and power as well as boosts your strength and endurance
  • Improves muscle mass & recovery as well as strength and size gains
  • Increases blood flow to deliver nutrients to your muscles
  • Increases oxygen flow by up to 50% and boost HGH levels by up to 600%
  • Improves concentration, focus and attention during your workouts and in life
  • Helps defend against exercise-induced cell damage, helping maximize the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity
  • Helps activate age-related enzymes called sirtuins, which may help control age-related disorders