2 amazing methods for permanently removing skin dark spots

2 amazing methods for permanently removing skin dark spots
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A daily care is the key to achieving an extraordinary skin, by getting to know and apply these two amazing methods for permanently removing skin dark spots, this process has never been easier. Aging, UV rays, an unbalanced diet, allergies and genetic problems are some of the most common causes of dark spots, in order to find a proper solution, it is essential to first determine the cause for such dark spots. Today, we will be talking about the first 3 causes and adequate solutions to get rid of those uncomfortable imperfections.skin dark spots

Since the melamine produced by our body’s melanocytes is not enough to completely protect our skin from the aggressive and harmful sun rays, our skin suffers the consequences. There are many available solutions for getting rid of those dark spots: laser, chemical peels, cosmetic formulas or homemade formulas, even though the choice is up to you, the best results are always obtained when these methods are combined with a balanced diet and a lifestyle free of toxic substances.

The 3 different types of skin dark spots you must be aware of

It is our duty to keep our face free of dark spots during the entire year. The more will learn about the subject, the easier it will be for dealing with it, for this, the best thing to do is to learn about the different types of dark spots and the best methods for getting rid of them. The most common dark spots are:

  1. Solar lentigines: as we start to age or as long as we keep exposing ourselves to the sun rays without wearing any sunscreen, these types of dark spots are very likely to show up. They can be identified by their light-brown color and they can appear in any area of our body.
  2. Freckles or Ephelides: known for their variable size and round shape with a brownish color, they tend to appear in the neck, chest, shoulders, face or arms’ area. They are common on light-colored people and become more visible during the summer.
  3. Moles: generally black or dark-brown. Its shape and color will depend on its special characteristics and the melanocytes accumulations found in the area. If you see asymmetrical shapes, mixed colors or a growing pattern, it is time to consult your doctor.

2 amazing methods for removing skin dark spots

Here are 2 of the most used and most recommended methods:

  1. Cosmetic creams containing vitamin C, vitamin E, retinoic acid, grapefruit oil, retinol, hydroquinone and its derivatives. The beauty kit of BellaVei Skin Care makes it to the top of the list, guaranteeing an effective treatment for removing sun-caused dark spots.
  2. Depigmenting peels that prepare the skin for a deep cell renewal.

Visiting a doctor before attempting any dark spot removal method is it always advised.

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