How much testosterone does a man truly need to stay healthy?

How much testosterone does a man truly need to stay healthy?
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Testosterone is produced in a man’s testicles. Even though women produce some of this hormone in their ovaries, testosterone levels are much higher in men. It is responsible for developing a man’s “man” things like a deep voice, chest hair, muscle mass, high energy levels and for contributing to a healthy libido. Problems associated with very high testosterone levels are very rare, instead, problems associated with this hormone are usually caused by low levels of testosterone.  testosterone

What are the signs and symptoms of low levels of testosterone in men?

The most common disorder in testosterone levels is the deficiency. When a man reaches its 20s, it also reaches its top level of testosterone, after that, it only continues to diminish in most cases, nevertheless, it has been seen how some men have started to suffer from this deficiency even in younger ages.

What is a regular or normal level of testosterone in men?

Generally, a normal level of this hormone can found between 270 to 1.070 ng / dl, giving us an average level of 679 ng / dL. There are the approximate testosterone levels of an average 20-year old man, yet some studies have shown that testosterone levels of healthy men are found between 400 – 600 ng/dl.  Being below or above these numbers is considered unbalanced.

What are some of the benefits of having high testosterone levels?

Men with higher levels of testosterone have a better or more Balanced blood pressure and are less like to suffer from obesity or heart attacks. Some studies state that men with high levels of testosterone tend to be more aggressive, though, this affirmation hasn’t still been confirmed.

What are anabolic steroids and what are their side effects?

Men and women take anabolic steroids to have a better sports performance or to increase muscle mass, nonetheless, an overdose of these products can lead to severe complications and side effects, this it is why it’s always advised to take steroids with care.  Instead of using steroids, it is now recommended to directly take the hormone, a proper dose of testosterone for a regular man will be 40g per day or 250mg per week as the top.

This has impulsed a whole industry of testosterone booster, where Rx24 is one of the best options for its amazing effects on balancing testosterone level on men, either way, the intake of any hormone should be consulted with your doctor and blood test should be practiced beforehand due to the possible disorders it can create in your system if taken incorrectly. This way you can be certain in the amount of testosterone is currently circulating through your body and adjusts the dose accordingly.

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