All You Need to Know About Boxing

Victoria’s Secret models Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, Kelly Gale, Doutzen Kroes, Romee Strijd, Karlie Kloss, Sara Sampaio and Rosie Huntington have fallen in love with this discipline, as have other’celebs’ such as Jennifer Lopez, Elsa Pataky and Khloe Kardashian.

The secret of this sporting activity? “It combines boxing with functional training, apart from working on technique, speed and power, which makes it a very complete practice,” they say from Final Round, the last center to open in the capital. In short: burn a lot of calories, forget about the rest of the world for an hour and tone your abdomen, arms and legs. In fact, in a single session you can burn about 1,000 calories and, because you follow the high-intensity training method, your heart rate remains high, which translates into a significant calorie expenditure.

César Barbosa and José Luis Serrano, founders of Fightland, the first boxing club of its kind to open in Spain in 2014, answer all your questions about the sport of the moment:

What are the benefits of boxing over other sports?

It eliminates stress, reduces tension and radically increases responsiveness, confidence, and concentration. In a few physical activities you get so disconnected from your daily problems and, when you finish, you have a great feeling of muscular effort, a lot of adrenaline is released and fun is guaranteed. Moreover, this sport is the most suitable, even above swimming, to avoid back pain.

practicing box as a sport

Which parts of the body are the ones that work most with this discipline?

One of the great advantages that boxing has for girls and the reason why it is practiced by so many models, is that it does not widen. It tones, hardens and puts everything in place; it is extremely effective in areas where there is usually conflict: arms, abdomen, chest, buttocks, and legs, but without widening them.

What does a typical class look like?

It starts with a very intense warm-up: jumping, running, squats,’burpees’, TRX…. which lasts about ten minutes. Then comes a first block of work in pairs -with the gloves already on-, where the boxing techniques that the monitor explains every day are practiced (blows, defenses, displacements, combinations, avoidance, blockages, etc.). Then there is always a very important training in the bags, with guided exercises of high intensity. And finally, abs and stretches. The good news is that the training sessions are very varied, so you never have the feeling that the classes are repetitive.

When do the results become visible?

To begin with, it is enough to practice it two days a week to notice results. In a couple of months, you can already notice physical changes, although it is essential to combine physical exercise with a proper diet and a good rest.

What is the best advice for beginners?

Select very well the club in which they begin to practice this discipline, especially taking into account their objectives. It is not the same thing to have a boxing gym focused on professionals or competitors, in which the vast majority of girls can feel displaced, as it is to have a center where you can practice’cardio-boxing’,’fit boxing’ or the like that have little to do with real boxing. You have to choose a club that has first class trainers, adequate facilities, that pays attention to everyone and knows what each client is looking for and where you can train with complete peace of mind, knowing that at no time will you be forced to fight.

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