Best dressed guest – What to wear to a summer wedding

We love weddings but summer weddings are the absolute best. There is no need to worry about getting cold toes because the weather is perfect and summer sunsets go hand-in-hand with spectacular pictures. But there is one little issue!

The dress codes for summer weddings can vary widely. How can you wear a ball gown in 90-degree weather? Or should you wear your stilettos to a formal church wedding? Here is everything you need to know to be labeled the best-dressed wedding guest this summer, no matter the venue.

Destination wedding

Have you been looking for the perfect occasion to wear that elevated stylish beachwear that you can actually wear anywhere including the beach? The destination wedding is the perfect location to slip into that silk kaftan that you have been eyeing. Pair it with a pair of fancy sandals and beach-inspired jewelry. Be sure to wear your swimwear underneath to jump into the water when things start to heat up.

Look polished with this classic button down shirtdress for a breezy summer destination wedding.


A typical ballroom has a controlled environment, so you don’t need to worry about grass stains on your shoes or dressing to match the daily weather forecast. A ballroom affair gives you the chance to play around with extra accessories and that strapless jumpsuit.

Turn heads with a body hugging jumpsuit with a pair of yellow stilettos and eye-catching clutch.

A Vegas wedding

Your BFF is getting married in Vegas and then you can go big but play it down by down playing your accessories. Most likely you will be partying hard after they exchange their vows, so choose shoes that you can walk easily down the strip and won’t need to take off later.

Think of an embellished mini dress that hints at extravagance with lilac feathers and a sequined neckline.

An afternoon garden wedding

Envision what Meagan Markle or Kate Middleton would wear to one of their many afternoon summer tea parties and you will have a general idea what you need to wear to a garden wedding. Think color, especially summer hues and you will look perfect picture. Avoid wearing heels because they might sink into the grass as you walk.

The floral print will give a whimsical vibe with the ruffled hemline making it your ideal choice for a garden ceremony.

A conservative wedding

Some weddings require more formal attire, especially those that will be held in a church. Opt for a more form-fitting style like a sheath dress and some feminine accessories to finish off your look. And don’t forget your pearls!

The sheath dress flatters all body shapes and the adorable capped sleeves transform the dress into one of the most versatile ensembles in your closet.

Courthouse wedding

Just because you will be standing in the hall at city hall for a few hours doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and show appreciation for the special occasion. Celebrate the couple’s love with a fun colored pair of pants and a printed top with some simple hooped earrings.

The classic trousers are fashionable enough for all of your needs, and dress it up or down by wearing with flats or heels.

Black Tie

A black tie wedding lets you go all out for that extravagant gown you have been dreaming about. But avoid the temptation of wearing body-hugging fabrics instead opt for lightweight and breathable materials that won’t make you sweat. Use this event as an opportunity to splurge on fun accessories that you wouldn’t normally get.

Think shimmery stretch fabrics that drapes around your every curve but don’t forget to wear you shapewear under this dress style for a flawless look.

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