Celebrities that Bare it All: Stars Without Makeup

There are few things more satisfying than seeing a celebrity caught without makeup. As it reminds us that they are normal people just like us, when their team of professional makeup artists is not following them.

Let’s be honest, girls, we’d all look like celebrities if we had an entourage following us around putting on our makeup, telling what and what not to wear or eat. But the majority of us have to embrace our imperfections with pride, but after checking out these 7 stars without makeup that’ll be easier to do.

Keep reading to give your self-confidence a boost, as you realize you look pretty good with #nomakeup #nofilter

Drew Barrymore

Drew Berrymore without makeup

We all love Drew Barrymore, as she reminds us of our down-to-earth high-school friend growing up. With makeup, she looks like divine and without makeup, while let’s just say we wouldn’t even give her a second glance. Recently, Drew started her own beauty line but that doesn’t stop her from baring it all at her yoga classes.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria without makeup

Eva Longoria is known for her flawless skin, on and off the red carpet, showing off her well-known Latina features. But what you didn’t know, that under all of the perfectly applied foundation and concealer is a face full of freckles, making Eva not so Latina suddenly.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow without makeup

Gwyneth Paltrow is a girl of all trades, started out as a model, but quickly moved to the world of acting and now is the CEO of the Company Goop and lifestyle blogger that encourages healthy habits to her followers. She is well known for her blonde-locks and her radiant smile and flawless skin. She celebrated her 44th birthday by embracing all of her imperfections, by posting a makeup free selfie online. I must admit I hope I look that good when I’m 44 years old!

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks without makeup

Tyra Banks was the world’s first African American Super model to hit the runway and she was the creator and host of the top television series “America’s Next Top Model” and since 2017, Tyra has replaced Nick Cannon as the host of America’s Got Talent. She is known for her notorious green eyes and stunning look, but I’m sure most of you will agree with me, when I say that tyra looks scary without makeup foundation.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres without makeup

Ellen is loved worldwide for her quirky personality and her talk show “Ellen.” This is an extremely rare picture of Ellen without any makeup spotted shopping near her Country House in Montecito, California. We can see why she avoids stepping out of her house without makeup. I wouldn’t either, if I looked like that.

Sally Fields

Sally Fields without makeup

Sally Fields was known as a beauty icon during the 80’s for her gorgeous smile and figure and was on of the top actresses’ list for more than 2 decades, but slowly she began to step away from the limelight. Both of these pictures were taken in 2013, one of her leaving her spin class in L.A. I love the truthfulness of this picture, because really who of us looks good after a sweaty spin class. The following picture is in London for the British Academy Film Awards of the same year. Makeup is definitely Sally’s best friend.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana without makeup

Zoe is a an American actress and dancer and is best known for her part as Neytiri in Avatar, so she knows by first-hand experience how makeup can transform you into another person, or in this case, creature. Zoe looks amazing with and without makeup, showing natural beauty is something not everyone possesses.

Cindy Crawford

cindy crawford without makeup

During the 90’s, Cindy was an international celebrity because of her many successful years of modeling, later on in life she focused on becoming a spokesperson and host for various television shows. Now in her late 50’s, she still looks amazing with makeup or without it. Even though I think she looks better without makeup in these two pictures, as the first one, her makeup ages her drastically.

Celebrities are just like us; they have good days and bad days. And yes, they age and get wrinkles. Wearing a good foundation can do wonders for hiding our imperfections but there is nothing wrong with embracing our flaws just as these 7 stars without makeup did.

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