Exercises for Well-Toned Body: Get Slim in 3 Weeks

If you are planning to do exercises, it is recommended to do them in the morning, since your body will use the stored fat from your body. Anyways, if you wish, you can do the exercising at any part of the day, even in your yard. You can also get some extra help using a Waist Trainer

Before starting to train, it is imperative that we warm up properly to improve our performance and avoid possible injuries. We should put more emphasis on exercising the ankles and knees, because they are the areas that accumulate more workload without a doubt. Having done a proper warm-up, we will be ready to start with this fast weight-loss exercise routine.

Get a Slim Body in 3 weeks

Weight loss exercises

Planks: to do this exercise, lean on the forearms and the tips of the feet. Make sure your body is straight and contracts the abdomen and buttocks to avoid making a curve with your back. Hold 30 seconds and rest. Increase to 35 and so on until you reach your limit. Propose to increase 5 seconds each day to beat yourself.

Planks with lifted leg: with this training we strengthen, to a greater extent, abs, glutes and legs. As always in the plates the position is very important. Leaning on the forearms and toes, keep your back straight by squeezing your buttocks and abdomen. Once this position is reached move the leg from top to bottom. You can do 3 sets of 10 lifts with each leg and do a rest of 10 seconds.

Cycling: with this exercise you will be able to strengthen the entire abdominal area. Place yourself face up and raise the trunk so that between the ground and your back is formed a 45 ° angle. The back should be straight and you have to tighten the abdomen. Keeping this pose begins to pedal as if you are on a bicycle. Perform 5 sets of 30 seconds each and rest 10. As you progress you can increase the time according to your strength.

Knee elevation: to tone the belly area a good exercise is the knee lift. For this you will have to lie on your back on a gym mat.

Place hands along body and legs bent, raise knees without raising arms or feet off the floor. Do about 15 repetitions, rest 10 seconds and repeat, until doing 5 sets.

Squats: to strengthen buttocks and the entire lower train squats are the best exercise. The most important thing about this training is the position, the legs have to be placed at the shoulder width and you have to keep your arms forward so you do not lose your balance and keep your back straight.

Diet: Important for Fast Weight Loss

It is clear that this routine will help you lose weight fast, since it has two exercises to lose weight at home that we always recommend for its effectiveness.

What you have to keep in mind is that with a simple routine is not enough. You need a diet to lose weight that accompanies these powerful exercises. This way, you will see results in a short time.

But beware! If you’re the one who starts shaking every time you hear about “weight loss diets,” relax. I do not want to tell you to do the latest diet or go crazy, just take care of your food and learn to eat the calories your body needs. If you are looking for specific type of diet that will help you reduce weight, make a search on our website and we guarantee you, you will be satisfied of the results.

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