Fashion Trends that Never Go Out of Style

Life is full of uncertainties and constant changes. But there is one change that we look forward to with each season and we are not referring to the changing seasons. Actually, fashion wouldn’t exist without change because fashion literally defines what is considered popular by the latest fashion trends.

Why is fashion constantly changing and keeping us on our toes? The simple answer is that people change and time requires that the old is replaced with something new and updated. Plus, we are influenced by our surroundings, especially advertising.

If you love clothes and expressing your personal style through your daily wardrobe choices, you are not alone. Going back to the early 1700’s, French women would spend hours looking through the latest fashion magazines of their era.

But we are in the year 2018, not the 1700’s and fashion has taken great strides since then. What are some of the most fashion trends that never go out of style? How can you build up your wardrobe without breaking the bank?

Here are some of the most popular fashion clothes and styles that will get you through the next decade in style. Just remember clothes should enhance your personality and speak up for who you are!

Vintage style

Are your ready for a blast from the past? Vintage style basically combines all of our favorite looks from the 20’s to the 70’s. With retro dresses and shorts, sunglasses and flapper dresses that flatter all body types.

Need a little inspiration? Just check out the following celebrities rocking their favorite vintage look that never goes out of style.

Dita Van Tesse in a 50’s style retro fitted dress, with leather opera gloves and leopard pumps. This is simplicity at its best. If you need additional inspiration just check out any of her outfits, taking mundane to va-va-voom.

vintage style

Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift’s classic vintage look with an air of the late 50’s and early 60’s? With a retro flowered dress, classic empire waistline with a hemline that hits just above the knee. This is a must have look for any gal looking to please that special fellow.

taylor vintage style

Bohemian style

Bohemian often gets confused with the 70’s hippy style. Even though it has evolved from gypsy and hippie styles, it is more artsy, extravagant and feminine. Often it is called the “Boho” look and is one of the most untraditional styles on this list.

Of course this style wouldn’t be appropriate for a jumping out for cocktails with the girls, but there are lots of occasions you will love a more relaxed, laid back look.

Nicole Richie is considered to be one of the best-dressed celebrities and is known for her laid back bohemian Californian vibe. She is often spotted in long flowing maxi dresses with big floppy hats and oversized sunglasses or floral crop tops and tribal printed short shorts.

nicole richie bohemian style

Vanessa Hudgen feels that music artists from the 60’s and 70’s inspire her. She loves combining hippie looks with new age bohemian styles to express her quirky personality.

hudgen bohemian style

Chic style

If you are unsure what is considered to be chic, then just think about the chic icon, Princess Kate style and you will have a quick idea as to what is considered to be chic. Chic is basically everything that is trendy, fashionable and classic. Look for styles that are well tailored with classic tones and designs.

Just check out Princess Kate’s chic look with her simple but elegant dresses, dress pants, etc. The key is the streamlined design of her outfits and finishing off her look with a pair of stilettos.

chic style princess Kate

Miranda Kerr shows us how to look causal chic with a pair of fitted navy blue khaki pants and a loose beige blouse and a pair of black pumps.

chic fashion Miranda Kerr

Artsy style

One of this year’s latest fashion trends made a bold statement with wearing bold colors with creative prints, often this style is appreciated by those who want to make a statement and want to create their own fashion style.

Check out Anna Della Russo’s artsy style with her short 60’s mini dress with a motif design and one of a kind, heels. Even though her favorite is louder than words, her personality shines through.

Miroslava Duma shows us how to pull off the artsy look without stepping out of our comfort zone. Throw on a pair of high waist relaxed fit jeans and statement T-shirt.

artsy style Anna Della Russo

As you can imagine, this style is all about showing off your curves and best features. Fashion clothes nowadays are designed to work with shapewear to enhance your body. Often styled with stilettos that enhance a tight fitting, body-hugging outfit.

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of sexy style, knowing which pieces work with her curves, all the while keeping her look classic and elegant.

sexy style Jennifer Lopez

Amber Heard shows off a little skin with this sexy little ensemble. If you are looking for one of the latest fashion trends that is never going to go out of style then this dress is a must have for you and the bonus is that it looks good on all body types.

Amber Heard sexy dress

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