Everything you need to know about finding the best swimsuits for your body shape

Are you tired of trying on one Swimwear after another, only to walk way feeling disappointed? Shopping for women’s bathing suits can be an emotionally draining experience. But the key to finding the ideal bathing suit for you lies in discovering the different types of swimwear for your body type. We each need to decide what our shape is and then find which bathing suit will flatter our unique body type.

How the Body Shape Chart will guide you the best style of swimwear for you

Here is the basic body type chart, divided into 5 different body shapes. These five basic body shapes are pear, rectangle, round, triangle and hourglass shapes. Look for your body type by comparing the description with your body shape. Plus, we have included some handy suggestions about how to choose the best shaping swimwear for your body shape.

Pear Shape—most common body shape
Curvy hips, fuller bottom, hips and thighs with smaller shoulders and bust. To avoid drawing attention to your lower half, direct attention to the top of your swimsuit, balancing upper with lower torso.

  1. Suggestions: To bring focus to your top, you can use halter style two-piece swimsuits. This will help accent the bust and balance the shoulders. Ruffles, ruching, extra padding in the breast cups, sweetheart or plunging necklines will help draw the eye to the top and away from the bottom.
  2. Coverage for the bottom is important. Keep it tucked in and keep the colour darker than the top. Also, you can wear higher cut leg bottoms. Skirted bottoms are perfect with the pear body shape. The key is to balance your body visually. Colour blocking and full coverage on the back are both techniques that flatter.
  3. Styles to look for: One-piece bathing suits are a perfect choice. Also, the following choices are recommended: Shape swimwear with tummy control or plus-size swimsuits, Tankinis and this year’s most popular style – the high-waisted bikini.

Rectangle Shape—straight
This body type is basically straight up and down, and compact. The secret to this shape is in creating curves and showing your assets.

  1. Suggestions: Choose a bandeau bikini top and pair it with a ruffled bottom. Use a one-piece swimsuit with a belt or opt for a curvy seam on each side. Padded cups, push-up, halter tops, ruffles, girlie or loud prints and bright colours and frills all give illusion of curves and bigger booty and chest. Add dimensional details, shirrings and bold colour prints. Small, skimpy swimsuits and bottoms make the rear appear to be fuller and curvier.
  2. Styles to look for: The one-piece bathing suits with slashes or cutouts, bikinis or plus-size swimsuits are all good options.
  3. Inverted Triangle Shape:Lots of curves, large bust, small waist, hips and shoulders balanced. This body type will need a little extra coverage and support for the bigger chest.
  4. Suggestions: Your girls need support and coverage. Look for moulded cups, bra-style tops, underwire, adjustable thick straps and double stitched bands. Halter bikini tops that provide the extra support, underwire and some structure will help. The key is finding tummy control bathing suit that draws the eyes to the bottom and take it away from the top.
  5. Styles to look for: Swimsuits for women, asymmetrical designed swimsuits that highlight the neck and collarbone, one-piece bathing suits, bikinis with a supportive halter, monokins and tankinis are all perfect because they make your butt and hips look bigger.

Hourglass Shape
Hips and shoulders are equally wide and the waist is defined. Word of advice:

  1. Do not add bulk or obscure waistline
  2. Suggestions: Sweetheart necklines flatter your top. Use wide adjustable straps and make sure swimwear has boob support. Rushing highlights the waist area and the lower leg line helps balance hips and shoulders
  3. Styles to look for: You can choose the bikini, halter-top, two-piece, one-piece, and the tankini.
    Round Shape
    This body type is fuller in the middle, no real waist, narrow hips and full bust. You will want to smooth out, conceal and flatter the tummy, create waist definition
  4. Suggestions: Use shirring to hide bulges and define the waistline.
    Silhouette wrap flatters the waist while rushing, plunging necklines, ruffles and frills all help detract eye from the tummy to your top. Use high-waist bottoms. Use colour blocking.
  5. Styles to look for: Shaping swimwear with tummy control, plus size, one or two piece bathing suits and high-waist tankini are your best choices.

Extra tips about shopping for swimwear – what to look for

  • Tummy Control
    Look for Shapewear with mesh liner, empire waist and full coverage for rear
  • Whittle Waist
    Look for Shapewear that slims midsection up to the bust line and provides full coverage for the rear and gives shaping support
  • Plus Size
    Look for the tummy control panel, which helps, smooth and support; contrasting stripes and a slight V-shaped neckline.
  • Small Bust
    Look for push-up halter-top and wear with low-rise bottoms.
  • Support
    Look for bra-sized cups up to D-G and with enforced strap, keeping your girls tucked in and safe.

Different swimsuits for different body types
This means that every body type can be enhanced to look better in women’s bathing suits if it is chosen according to body shape. Also, thanks to the latest tummy control bathing suits that shape your every curve. Whether your personal shape is pear, rectangular, inverted triangle, hourglass or round, there is a perfectly designed swimsuit just waiting for you.

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