What are The Most Important Meals of the Day?


Half an hour after getting up, have breakfast. Not before or after. Many people fall into a very large hypoglycemia from going to work without breakfast. If necessary, wake up early but never skip breakfast. Even if you’re not hungry, eat.

Choose your favorite beverage, as long as it does not contain sugar. It could be tea, coffee, mate, etcetera. It is essential that you eat a portion of flour and protein. For example, a cookie with a piece of cheese or a cup of cereal flakes with milk.

Two hours after you start eating breakfast (it doesn’t matter what time you finished it), you’re wondering what happened to your sugar ration. At that precise moment, eat a fruit, wherever you are. If necessary, lock yourself in the bathroom or kitchen, interrupt a business meeting or psychoanalytic session (your psychologist will understand). For you to eat that fruit is the difference between winning the game against obesity or losing it.

Within two hours of eating the first fruit, eat a second fruit or light yogurt. You should not avoid it in any way, except at lunchtime, in which case it will not be necessary because it will replace lunchtime meals. Although it may seem capricious, the fact that we don’t stay more than two hours without eating is what allows the glucose level does not drop to such a point that it gives us a desperate desire to eat something delicious (obviously, sweets, sweets, etc.).


The most important rule to follow is not to start lunch later than 1 pm. Maybe you ate your second fruit a few minutes ago. It doesn’t matter. The serious thing is not in how close you eat one food from the other. The real problem arises when you over-spend meals on each other, because your blood glucose is then out of control.

There are some rules to follow, whatever your lunch.

  1. Never eat pasta at lunch.
  2. In addition to the meals listed above, you can add 5 light snacks to complete your lunch and not starve.

In the afternoon

Eat two light, fat-free foods in the afternoon. Remember that no more than three hours should pass between them, and that the first should be eaten within three hours of lunch. Don’t avoid them. Eat them even if you’re not hungry. Your cells do have an appetite.

The only case where you can avoid one of these snacks is if you had lunch at 1:00 p. m. and are going to dinner at 7:00 p. m. In this case, your blood glucose level will be covered with a single bite at 4 pm.


Again, the watch will be your ally weapon. Don’t give him time to start complaining. Dine at 8 pm or earlier, if possible. Dinner should be your last meal of the day, but if you feel hungry or about to be tempted, you can use the list and choose one of those snacks to fight a sudden hunger attack. Remember that stabilizing glucose will not be achieved overnight.

At dinner you can eat a plate of pasta, but keep in mind that you can only eat pasta twice a week. If you want, you can replace them with a slice of bread, although it is preferable that you don’t eat bread at dinner, because at night the metabolism is slower and when you sleep the calories ingested will remain in your body.

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