Hollywood’s Best Legs – How Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Ciara and More Maintain Their Prefect Legs

Nothing grabs our attention more than a pair of perfectly tanned, lean and sculpted legs. Celebrities know the best way to attract attention is by showing off their muscular stems. Most celebs have gorgeous legs but some outshine the rest. Yes, we are talking about you, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Ciara!

Of course, we know that celebrities have private trainers to help them tone their legs. But exercise can only get you so far in the leg department; a lot has to do with good genes and a large dose of self-confidence to show off there stems.

But, however we look at it, those sensual stems are due to hours and hours of hard work and dieting. Every celebrity has their own technique, motivation secret and diet to keep their legs looking their best. Scroll down to see our favorite celebs keep their legs in tip-top shape.


At the world premiere of The Lion King in London on July 17, 2019 Beyoncé wore a shunning golden gown with an extremely high slit that showed off her legs on the red carpet. Beyoncé has to fight hard to stay in shape and is not shy about admitting to following a strict diet. Plus, she regularly works out with her personal trainer and loves SoulCycle sessions.


The famous singer stole the show at the ESPY awards on July 10, 2019 when she strutted in wearing a breathtaking black gown with a high slit. Her fitness regime is basically lunges plus more lunges, plus she doesn’t shy away from lifting heavy weights. If you want her legs then you need to have regular and consistent strength workouts.

Carrie Underwood

Only five months after giving birth to her second son on July 29, 2019 the singer showed off her toned legs on stage in Glastonbury, England. The top country star loves to workout her legs. She focuses on doing squats and more squats. Even if she is jogging she will lunge up a hill to give her legs a harder workout. Plus she switches off heavy and lightweights for toning.

Taylor Swift

Taylor is known for her long, lean legs and isn’t afraid to strut her stuff. Taylor was spotted on July 14, 2019 in New York City wearing short pink shorts with wedged sandals that only elongated her legs. Taylor loves Pilates and swears that it is the only form of exercise she regularly does to keep her legs looking lean and muscular.

Julianne Hough

Hough showed off her long stems at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 1, 2019 in her itsy-bitsy shorts. Hough is a professional dancer and a judge on Americas Got Talent. She loves exercising outdoors such as hiking on weekends and Yoga on weekdays. Her husband transformed their garage into a full-blown gym, so she has recently started weight lifting.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate’s legs stole the show when she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on April 17, 2019. She believes in a six-day exercise regimen followed with diet and one day off. She is obsessed with pushing herself past her limits when working out. She does HIIT and cross fit routines that include squats with barbells, tire flips plus she loves yoga.

Meghan Markle

Back in March 8, 2019 our favorite Duchess showed us very in-shape legs while wearing a short dress. She showed us that it is possible to look fit even while pregnant. She is an avid yogee and loves jogging to keep her head clear.

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