How to have a Fitness Life without Disregard your Work?

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With the nights falling earlier and earlier nowadays, and the busy agendas, finding enough motivation to practice sports, or for fitness is a real challenge. Here are some tips to succeed in practicing a fitness activity when you have a frenetic professional life.

1- When is it Preferable to have a Fitness Session?

In the morning

At first glance, this may seem unthinkable. But just do it once, and you will be convinced. And nothing like a little exercising in the morning, in order to bring serenity especially when you have a busy day waiting ahead at work.

To make it work, you have to get up with no hesitation, put on your clothes and put on a good playlist to motivate yourself. No matter the duration and speed, the main thing is to let off steam to attack the day with strength, dynamism, and effectiveness. Going through a fitness program every morning is often considered the best way to be in shape. Some people get there as soon as they get up, but others would prefer to wait 30 minutes to totally “emerge”. This program will make you tonic from the moment you wake up, throughout all the day, and at night, you will fall asleep easily.

However, this program requires from you to wake up very early. If you are not used to wake up early, do not force yourself. Or else, you would just accumulate fatigue and nervousness.

At Noon

Sparing some time for a fitness session at the lunch time is becoming more and more common.

This program allows you to cut your day in two and change your mind to be more efficient in the afternoon. In addition to optimizing your lunch breaks, it also allows you to make a real break in the day. The ideal is to create a small team at work. It is always more motivating to move with others. Additionally, this requires close facilities, including to shower and change. Either your workplace is suitable or close to a gym, or you have to practice outdoors (running) and find or change and shower (going back home …).

Moreover, you will surely discover that several colleagues were waiting for the little boost of collective motivation.

The only constraint is that one must be efficient and organized so as not to encroach on one’s working time.

In the evening

This is the most classic way to practice your fitness session, whether indoor, at a sports club, at the pool or outdoors (including running). This is very useful to let off steam and release the stress and tension accumulated during the day. Nevertheless, if practiced too late, this fitness session can delay your snooze and lead to poor recovery and fatigue.

In the weekend

Rather, a backup solution, occasional fitness exercising during the weekend allows those who have not been able to do so during the week to “catch up”. Others take the opportunity to do sports activities with family or friends. On the weekend, the atmosphere is more “relaxed” and time and friends are easier to find for fitness.

However, the sports practiced only during the weekend is often not regular and sometimes the “sports of the Sunday” try to surpass themselves to have more result.

fitness routine

2- How Fast and How hard to handle fitness without disregarding your work?

This question has a real importance. A good dosage of your physical activity is the key to success. The pace and intensity depend on your level and your regularity. You must be progressive and respect your fatigue and your possible pain.

3- Some Simple Tips to Reconcile Fitness and Work

Follow a routine: creating habits allows you to pace your body and avoid “skipping” your sports sessions.
Any change must be done gradually so as not to get tired and accustom your body to the constraints of the fitness sessions (it will save you from injury).

Do not force yourself to “be in the morning” if you are not!

Frame your workouts according to your needs and if for example you are not motivated enough, organized or are afraid to do some movements wrong, do not hesitate to be supervised by a professional.

Whether you are a busy executive, a manual worker with a physical “job” or a salesman behind the wheel, it might be difficult to go regularly to a fitness club, or to assume a fitness session. Yet there are steps, and some tips to make you enjoy your fitness moments without disregarding your work.

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