Is Shapewear Body Positive? Check Out Shapermint’s “Feel Like a Masterpiece” message

Feel Like a Masterpiece

Shapewear has been getting scrutinized left and right lately for whether it advocates feminism and the body positivity movement.

Maybe you have noticed that the fashion industry is transforming right before your eyes. Instead of promoting sexism, they are promoting empowering shapewear, feminist stilettos and body-positive lingerie. Even cosmetic surgeons have switched up how they’re advertising their services.

Shoppable feminism is an actual marketing tactic used in almost every aspect of the beauty, fashion, and sports industries today. Commercials and seductive advertisements focus on how their products or services can help you be stronger, more powerful and confident instead of skinny or sexy.

But there is more to this new trend in advertising. Have you noticed who they are using as models? The days of the six-foot tall beanpole, white-model are slowly coming to an end and they are being replaced by ethnic-minority groups, plus-size models and the archetypal millennial who is plastered with tattoos topped off with cotton-candy hair. All of these women are embracing their so-called flaws, insecurities and showing us that we can do it too, if we wear or use this product.

Shapewear, for example, has been one of the main products that was labeled anti-feminist in the past but now is considered to be liberating and empowering. Shapewear has managed to recreate their sexist image by exploiting women’s insecurities- or has it? Maybe we women have let the fashion world reshape our thinking because we wanted them to?

One shapewear online marketplace recently made a short video clip about how shapewear can make us feel like the masterpiece we are inside. We have to admit that we were quite skeptical in the beginning of this video, as it seemed quite corny but after watching it, we totally changed our frame of mind.

The new Shapermint video is: Ask Venus: Is shapewear body positive? The main actress is styled as the statue of the goddess Venus, the goddess of love and beauty herself explaining how shapewear is just a tool to help us women reach our goal of accepting our bodies and having ultimate confidence in ourselves.

Actually, in the world we live in, with bullying, body and fat shaming, we all need a little confidence booster occasionally to remind ourselves that we are a masterpiece. No matter who we are, we are all in need of a confidence boost. After all, the ‘Mona Lisa’ was not painted in one day, so accepting our bodies and loving it as a work of art in progress and if shapewear can help us get there faster, why not?

Shapewear Body Positive

The video itself isn’t so much about promoting shapewear brands sold by Shapermint but more in spreading a message to the women of the world. They are telling us, through Venus, that we all have off-days and that’s okay, nobody is judging you for not feeling one hundred percent. For days like that, there is shapewear, which liberates us from body shaming ourselves.

Shapermint recently was mentioned in the New York Times regarding their new approach to marketing shapewear. They encourage visitors to their website for the need to be confident, with or without shapewear. The brand’s manager stated in the article: “It’s underwear, it’s not a miracle. In my case, and a lot of other women’s cases, it’s about wearing something that makes you forget how your clothes are fitting.

Shapermint’s goal is to provide women with shapewear that smooths without squeezing the bejesus out of you. We have to acknowledge the fact that Shapermint isn’t out to make money off of our insecurities, they just want to turn us all into warrior princesses!

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