Be sure to snatch up Jennifer Lopez’s favorite leggings today at Banana Republic

No matter what Jennifer Lopez does in her free time, such as working out or walking to her dance studio or the movie set, her go-to outfit is always a pair of simple black leggings.

We totally understand why J. Lo loves leggings so much because we adore them and would wear them everyday if we could. They are ultra-comfy yet chic enough to wear while shopping at Whole Foods, basically they are suitable to be worn all-day everyday if they are good quality.

If you have secretly wanted to copy Jennifer Lopez’s style, then you need to check some of her all-time favorite leggings. All of these brands and styles are J-Lo approved, including a pair of Banana Republic leggings that she wore throughout all of the last year.

The first time we spotted Jennifer Lopez wearing these body-hugging pants, was way back in March of 2019. She was sporting a fun black hoodie with a white sports bra peeking though. We instantly feel in love with her shinny black leggings.

Then again the paparazzi captured her walking to the set of the movie “Marry Me” in August, while she ran out to grab a coffee from Starbucks.

J Lo leggings

Plus J-Lo collaborated recently with the LA-based company called KORAL in designing a collection of essential active wear items. KORAL J-Lo approved leggings were so popular that they were sold out and customers were on a waiting list just to order them.

Best part is they will hold up wash after wash. They are made from 85% polyamide and 15% Xtra Life Lycra Sport blend, which is deigned to accentuate your legs and waist. Plus the blend is ideal for high-intensity exercise routines but that extra sheen makes these leggings ideal for everyday wear.

KORAL Lustrous High-Rise Legging


These lustrous gel-like fabric leggings will take you from the yoga studio to the beach or even clubbing at night. Made from ultra stretchy fibers that will comfortably move with you, no matter how active you are.

But KORAL offers up some other great activewear products that are worth checking out:

KORAL Aerate Netz Tank


Get ready to step up your workout with this slim-fitting tank made from breathable-netted polyamide material with just an enough stretch to move with you and not against you.

KORAL Sweeper Infinity Sports Bra


High performance sports bra will inspire you push yourself even harder. Cut to provide your girls with enough support to reduce bouncing while doing vigorous activity. Best part is it will look fantastic with your new J-Lo approved leggings.

KORAL Sofia Netz Pullover


How can you not adore the laidback sporty design of this top from the raglan sleeves to the rounded neckline or the wet-looking finish, plus they match perfectly with KORAL’s Lustrous black leggings.

KORAL Drive High-Rise Cascade Leggings


The prefect leggings for all of your yoga and Pilates needs. Designed to stay in place no matter what tricky position you got yourself into. Made from moisture-wicking fabric that air dries quickly.

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