Kim Kardashian helps free Alice Johnson from prison then hires her as a model

The reality star, entrepreneur and mother of four begun an apprenticeship with a law firm in California last year and is studying to be a criminal justice lawyer. Last summer, she was able to put her studies in practice by playing an important role in freeing Alice Marie Johnson from being imprisoned.

The 64-yr-old great grandmother, Alice Marie Johnson was imprisoned in Alabama for a first-time, non-violent drug charge since 1996. She had received a harsh, unjust life sentence for her indiscretion. Considering that Johnson never actually sold drugs, just aided in communications in a drug case, it was a harsh sentence for a first time offender.

Kim Kardashian took the matter into her own hands and approached President Trump for the opportunity to argue the unique situation surrounding this care, which ended in the President granting Johnson clemency.

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But as expected, critics are calling Kim Kardashian out for taking the Bar Exam without actually having to study at a certified university or college. Kim Kardashian knew she would be called out on this fact, so she tackled the subject before they could start criticizing her. She stated that California is one of the few states within the USA that allows a small group of people this exception.

Kim Kardashian isn’t a lady to take her life choices lightly, for example, in an interview with US Vogue Magazine about her choice to study to be a lawyer, she said: “I had to think long and hard about this.” The reason she wanted to study criminal law is to fight for people who are working hard to pay their dues, but life keeps throwing at them one injustice after another. The system is broken and it needs to be fixed.

Many fans think Kim Kardashian decided to study law, so she can draw closer to her father, Robert Kardashian. Her father was a well-respected lawyer, who formed part of the OJ Simpson main defense team. Other fans claim she just wants to follow in the footsteps of her beloved father.

Alice Marie Johnson is eternally grateful that Kim Kardashian decided to study law, because Kim Kardashian moved mountains to fight for her freedom. Johnson calls Kim Kardashian her personal “war angel” because she fought powerfully for her freedom.

Since her liberation from prison, she and Kim have developed a special relationship. Kim invited Johnson and her family over to her house for a home-cooked meal. Also, when Johnson wrote a memoir on her experience in prison, called “After Life: My Journey from Incarceration to Freedom”, Kim wrote a personal forward for the book.

We are positive Kim Kardashian put a lot of thought into recruiting the recently liberated Alice Marie Johnson to be part of the ad campaign for her new shapewear line called SKIMS Solutionwear.

Kim Kardashian kicked off her campaign for SKIMS shapewear by using only real women for models, including Johnson. The campaign will have 26 different videos of real women wearing SKIMS Solutionwear and each one will tell their individual personal story about why they are in love with their bodies and how kim k SKIMS makes them feel even better about themselves.

Johnson’ video was one of the first videos released and she was wearing a black sculpting bodysuit. In the video, she explains how she was serving a life sentence and Kim Kardashian turned into her war angel by fighting for her freedom, when nobody else cared. Since she was released from prison, Johnson has embraced life and enjoys every single moment and shapewear helps her be the best she can.

Johnson loves the freedom SKIMS shapewear gives her. Before, she would be intimidated with shopping, as most clothes wouldn’t look good on her. But with SKIMS, I can try anything on because I know it is going to look good on me.’ We loved it when she said, ” This shapewear makes me feel free!”

Kim Kardashian announced that SKIMS by Kim Kardashian would officially launch and be available to order online on Sept. 10 of this year. She has designed each piece to match different skin tones, made from an incredibly soft but powerful fabric that will cling and accentuate your every curve. Plus, her shapewear brand is available in a wide range of sizes from XXS to 5XL.

So far the SLIMS shapewear collection is made up bikini briefs, waist trainers, bodysuits, thermal leggings, bras, thongs and so much more. The entire collection is available in 9 unique skin tones and the promise of more colors to come.

You can check the size chart if on Kim K Skims website


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