Learn the tips to stay stylish-no matter your age

stay stylish-no matter your age

The fashion season is in full swing. Fashion is on our minds and we all want to follow the latest styles. What are the secrets for the classic, stylish look? And what are the rules for how to dress when we are 20-30-40- 50 or even 60? Read on, as we share what we have learned from our research.

The ideal age: 20 +

Yes, being young with the perfect body does bring benefits with fashion and being able to look fantastic in everything. Your 20’s are about being adventurous are trying new styles and finding your sense of style.

  • The key is to find your personal style that works for you. That will boost your confidence.
  • Buy what you like, without feeling pressured to mimic those so-called cool classmates.

Fashion and Style: 30 +

You are still full of vibrant youthful beauty and energy but the bonus now is that you actually ooze self-confidence and are not swayed by fashion and its rules. The key now, is to trust your own deep down feeling of what looks and feels good and wear it.
You know what works on your body and what doesn’t.

  • Wear what makes you happy.
  • Choose styles that show the world that you know who you are and mean business.
  • The time is now to invest in fancy lingerie and say goodbye to that mismatched underwear from your 20’s and 30’s.

You never looked better: 40 +

Being a woman in your 40’s in today’s fashion world is not like your grandmother’s day.
No more frumpy dresses and long heavy stockings with heavy shoes. No more rules, But there are some guidelines to protect you from making a fashion faux.

Remember you want to look stylish, confidence is the key to looking your best
Invest in some premium quality tailored items to give you a more polished look

Here are some styles that should be avoided after your hit 40 years of age, unless you want to look tacky:

      1. Anything that has rhinestones
      2. Tube tops
      3. Booty shorts
      4. Miniskirts
      5. Tee shirts with advertising on them
      6. Platform Flip flops
      7. Cheap Bras

You can be Stylish after: 50 +

50’s are the new 30’s! Here are some tips to help you look even more fabulous. The ‘fashionable fifties’ sums up the gorgeous women everywhere reflecting confidence, passion and style. Here are some wardrobe must haves:

      1. Dark denim or White jeans or Pants that fit great or a black pencil skirt
      2. Top with a tank top then either a black fitted jacket or classy cardigan
      3. Classic, stylish dress, either a wrap; sheath; ‘Fit and flare’ dress
  • “Women age gracefully, and like wine, they only get better”
  • Spoil yourself with items that make you feel happy

“You Go Girl!” 60 +

Sixty is not old. But it isn’t young either but using your confidence and past experience of what works for you, you can still put the ‘wow’ in your step!
This is our advice:

      1. Be comfortable and don’t worry about other’s opinions
      2. Be smart and look good and not even have to spend a fortune
      3. Do what you love, so if you love long hair, keep it
      4. This is the big one: AVOID like the plague: BAGGY clothes!
      5. Use shapewear to help hide lumps and bumps

Some tips are to try prints and colours. Use scarves to dress up your outfit.
Avoid high heels. Keep your hair looking great.

  • Enjoy your 60s, as you look classy and stylish.

The truth is there are really no hard steadfast rules about how to dress when we are a certain age. The very idea of dressing your age is very out-dated and old fashioned. So, next time you are wondering if you are “too old” for that floral print, stop right there. IF you like it and feel good it then wear it.

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