Side Effects and Health Risks From Wearing Shapewear

Doctors are warning women that it can actually be dangerous to their health to wear Shapewear. How can that be when we see celebrities flaunting their beautiful bodies and proudly proclaiming the positive effects of using such shaping garments, under their outfits?

Apparently, there are dangers to one’s health caused from excessive use of and from wearing their body shaper too tightly. The warning is being made to the public now, because more and more doctors are noticing this alarming trend.

They are recommending that you should be careful before purchasing your shapewear for women.

Strongly advising that you make sure that you don’t wear it too long or too tight. Also, when you do buy your body shaper for women, make sure to get the right size.

Dangers of wearing shapewear

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Ominous Tingling

Neurologists have noticed that there is an increase of patients suffering from nerve pain caused from wearing shapewear.

One result of compressing your body in such a fashion for too long, is a condition known as meralgia paresthetica. The patient experiences extreme and painful burning and tingling in the thighs. This is caused from the nerves that run through the groin having too much pressure on them and for too long.

This is usually a health issue with pregnant women or someone who has put a lot of weight on really fast.

There is one experience of an entire girls’ soccer team who all wore colourful, compression shorts under their uniforms at school. One 15 year old girl was eventually referred to a gastroenterologist for stomach pain. Her symptoms mirrored that of older women who wore girdles.

Tough to digest

Think of it this way, pressure on the stomach area, pushing and squeezing the internal organs. Extremely tight and worn like that for a very, long time, pushing and squeezing. Compressed. Acid gets pushed from the stomach into the oesophagus.

Nobody thinks of what is happening to the internal part of the body. The easy fix to looking good is to squeeze and compress.

Tight undergarments can cause gastro oesophageal reflux disease. Bad news too is that they can also increase irritable bowel syndrome and urinary incontinence.

More pain, less gain

Let’s imagine that you have invested in the best body shaper available. You made sure it was the right fit. You are attending a special event and are squeezed and pushed into your special garment, for the whole day. You avoid eating or drinking because of the challenge of getting out of the undergarment, thus avoiding the bathroom as long as you can.

Doctors warn that by doing that, it can result in some painful consequences.

For example, did you know that by holding your bladder, you could cause urinary tract infections? Or, did you ever think that by sweating in your full body shapewear, you could get yeast infections and skin irritations?

Other scary and potential health risks include varicose veins, blood clots and back pain.

All very painful and serious results from wanting to just look nice with no rolls of fat.

Pressure to the finish line

There is the other side of the story. Doctors do recommend the use of compression stocking to improve blood flow and reduce the risk of clots after surgery.

Athletes use knee-high compressions socks and tight work out clothing to improve their results. But, so far, there is no conclusive prove that they help their performance.

The last word from the doctors

Of course, the doctors say that you should adopt a healthy lifestyle and then wouldn’t feel the need to squeeze into your plus size shapewear.

They see the health risks that exist from excessive shapewear use and are giving us precautions to take before we purchase and how we use so that we don’t suffer the side effects.

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