What to do single valentines day? ❤

single valentine day

Okay, we all at some point in our life have faced Valentine’s Day as a single person with no romantic ties. It starts getting pushed on us as soon as New Year’s Day has passed. Red cupids are everywhere, advertising this most important day for romance. Don’t give into despair and binge on chocolate and wine.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for romantic couples. It is a day meant to celebrate all kinds of love. Take this special day to celebrate with your friends and family or treat ‘you’ to something special!

So, get off the couch, put down the wine and the huge box of chocolates.

Here are five ways to actually enjoy this special day

1. Treat yourself. How does an appointment at the spa with a massage and all the works sound to you? Splurge on a mani/pedi and a facial. Let go and totally relax. Feel the uptight muscles relax and the stress drain from your body. Drink in the soft, background music and let your thoughts fly away. Just enjoy. Feel the softness of the robe envelop you. Another treat is to get your hair done specially.

2. Luxury shopping. The idea is to buy yourself a perfect gift that you know you will love. Splurge. The whole purpose is that it is your Valentine’s Day gift to self.

3. Get your group of friends together and have a movie night. Whatever you and your BFF’s love, have a good time watching together. Make a theme- say Pride and Prejudice and drink a G/T or Martini. Make it special. Or binge on Gone with the Wind; DownTown Abby; the Titanic. The possibilities are endless. Have some awesome appetizers and enjoy!

4. How about a fun potluck party? Not just boring potluck but a fun one and a party. Call it a Singles Only dinner party. Make chocolate dipped shortbread hearts. Karaoke is always a fun party.

Get out of Town! Plan a weekend away with a special friend or family.

Some Tips to help make your valentines day a success!

Plan ahead. Seriously. If you don’t, it won’t happen. And guaranteed, you will end up on the couch with that wine bottle and box of chocolates. Invite others and make it happen. Put money aside so you can really enjoy.

Good Memories from other singles on Valentine’s Day.

Imagine that you are in New York City and with 6 other single friends. The memory is eating Chinese, going to a game then a Broadway show. Wow!

Now just imagine you and your best friend started the day off with a special coffee then toured wineries spending the day doing wine tasting. They enjoyed some wine with cheese and salami then enjoyed a hike. Sounds great!

One memory is single buddies watching scary movies and chomping down on chips and beer. Well, not romantic for sure so won’t be feeling sorry for self, right?

So, don’t despair, plan and enjoy your day of love.

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