Spring Summer – Fashion trends that you’ll actually want to wear

Spring is just around the corner. Springtime is all about new beginnings, a fresh start and of course, upgrading your wardrobe. But before you go shopping, you need to check out the following top nine fashion trends that we will be seeing this spring and summer.

So far this year, Fashion Week and top runway shows from London, New York and Paris are giving a refreshing new-take on some of our favorite styles. Expect to see lots of floral prints, dandelion yellow fabrics, ruffles and feathers.

Plus, we will give you a low-down on which spring bags we are already eyeing, which shoe trends you need to add to your shoe collection and what has happened to last year’s high-waist mom jeans and how low can you wear your skirt this year.

Get all dolled up

We know your secret desire has always been to get all dolled up into a tiered, ruffled gown that looks fanciful enough for tea with the Queen. Expect to see bouncy, layered flowered prints on spring dresses this year, along with big, fully curled hair for a more carefree style.

fashion trend get all dolled up

A feathered paradise

If you haven’t noticed, this year’s Fashion Week wanted to give us wings, or shall we say loads of feathers. Look for tops or dresses that have a feathered trimming. Dress up your outfit with a plume scarf for the colder spring days.

fashion trend feathere paradise


2019 is all about reconnecting with nature, by using more earthy tones such as sand, tan, cream and beige. Lighten up your mood by choosing lighter fabrics that will give you and those around you a more relaxed and down-to-earth spirit.

down to earth fashion trend

Fish-netting galore

The last few years, designers have been trying to give their styles a more nautical look by incorporating seashell prints and accessories. But this year, they have perfected the trend by using netting and pukas, all of which are totally mermaid-worthy. This style is going to make a big slash this spring and summer.

fish netting galore fashion trends

Dandelion power

Yellow was the dominate color for this last Fashion Week. Welcome any shades of yellow into your wardrobe such as lemon, dandelion, butter, marigolds and just about any shades that envision the spring. The tricky part will be maintaining a sunny disposition to match the mood of our clothes.

dandelion power

California girls

2019 will allow you to discover that inner-surfer with California worthy designs. Look for trendy JAWS T-Shirts, Endless Summer sweatshirts and Chanel wearable wetsuits.

california girls style

Seeing dots?

Last year, we saw the reappearance of dots, but this year they have made a comeback and, better than ever. Don’t be afraid to mix-match different sized polka dots, as long as it is just black and white. Or maybe something more fun like this:

channel collection summer

Hello the Tie print

Don’t you just worship the iconic prints found often on your husband’s best ties or on the scarves of the elderly women who have tea everyday at the club? These stodgy, old prints are making a transformation into your favorite styled outfits.

hello the tie print

The updated short

The biker short popped up last year, but it returned as a more sleeker, stylish look that is going to transform your style this year. Imagine shorts that basically have built-in shapewear.

updated short fashion

Photos: Kim Weston Arnold / Indigital.tv / Vogue.com

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