The Dangerous Side Effects on Teens Caused by Shapewear

In 2016, 14 yr. old Jessica was trying on a pair of jeans that she wanted to purchase, but then something happened that changed her life. The sales clerk suggested that she wear shapewear because she looked too fat in the jeans. When Jessica’s mom heard this, she turned around and slapped the sales clerk.

However, this negative experience did not totally erase from this young girl’s mind what the sale clerk had said. Within a few weeks, Jessica was wearing shapewear to feel and look her best.

Young people’s minds are very moldable and daily are subjected to suggestions and examples by television’s greatest celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey.

Teenagers between 13 and 17 years of age are obsessed with using all types of shapewear. But the question that we are interested in finding an answer to is this: Are there any known side effects for teens if they use shapewear?

For obvious reasons, they love shapewear because they can see an instant improvement on their figure, but at what price to their health?

shapewear side effects

Let’s take a look at some of the secondary side effects that come from wearing shapewear:

It can damage your organs

Remember that old uncomfortable looking “corset” that your grandmother used to wear? Well, that was shapewear in it’s early days, thankfully it has evolved into something much more comfortable. Basically, shapewear follows the same principal of those old rigid corsets, by compressing your organs, which leads all types of secondary effects. For example:

  • You can develop acid reflux syndrome, as the intestines and the colon are compressed, leading to a very unhappy digestive system, causing acid reflux.
  • Incontinence. If you are already fighting incontinence, then maybe shapewear isn’t the best choice for you. Doctor Kuemmerle noticed that compression applied by shapewear puts pressure on your digestive system, causing your desire to urinate more frequently.
  • It can cause you to have excess gas. Since the digestive system is being compressed and not working normally, then it begins to produce much more gas, which is trying to help the digestive system. Even though, this is only a temporary side effect, it can be a very unpleasant and embarrassing one.

Might cause tingling skin

Dr. Karen Erickson warns about a condition called “myalgia parenthetical” (a musculoskeletal issue) which causes the skin to tingle, pain and numbness on the legs, due to the fact that the nerves are been compressed. This same principal is applicable when you wear shapewear.

It can cause varicose veins and blood clot

There are many more of the secondary side effects caused from constantly compressing your body through shapewear, but there is one which might be the most serious one of them all. If you wear shapewear for a long period of time, it could cause blood clots or varicose veins. Dr. Erickson noticed that this condition is most common in patients who wear shapewear and are already genetically prone to these issues, but it is worthwhile to consider.

Some teens, who wear shapewear for long periods to classes, are especially at high-risk of suffering from these conditions.

If they are not correctly washed, they could have bacteria

Many people believe that shapewear can help to improve their posture. But, would you like to know the truth? The truth is that shapewear can create a vicious cycle for your body. Your body will grow accustomed to the extra support for your body’s core muscles, which muscles will weaken over time. Overall, instead of improving your posture, all it is doing is weakening your muscles.

“I feel more and more skinnier, many of the other girls think I have a secret weight loss plan. But it’s just my shapewear”, said 14 year old Stephanie Wagner

Shapewear is a modern day accessory worn by most teens today.

Ok, I believe we can clearly see the secondary side effects caused by wearing shapewear and, especially, for our teens. They are still developing and growing. This is definitely a matter that should be carefully considered
before squeezing into a new piece of shapewear.

I understand the pressure for you to want to look slimmer and have a tabletop tummy and your jeans won’t accuse you eating too many French fries. But are you willing to pay the high price of your health for these results?

The above suggestions should be carefully considered before making your own decision about wearing shapewear or not.

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