The Postpartum Shapewear Reviews – Are They Worth All the Hype?

If you are a new mom or expecting the arrival of your new addition to the family, then you have surely stumbled across one the thousands of postpartum shapewear reviews. Each and everyone of them raving about how they can help your lose that extra baby weight faster.

Postpartum is the time following childbirth, when the swollen tummy is slowly shrinking back to normal. Postpartum shapewear is designed to not only help you look better but also to help with the body actually healing and everything returning to normal.

How does postpartum shapewear work?

Reading about some of the best postpartum shapewear reviews, you might ask yourself: Does postpartum shapewear work? Gently and softly, it will help your body return to its former shape. By supporting your whole body and help your muscles shrink back to normal. It is designed to also give you extra support and help take the pressure off your legs and back. Support for nursing is an added bonus, too. Awesome!

Postpartum tummy shapewear will be your best friend because it holds in your ‘mommy tummy’. Let’s be honest- no one wants to keep that tummy. The hope is for it to shrink back to its pre-baby days. And, realistically, life ‘after baby’ is not easy and is full of surprises. Looking good but feeling comfortable at the same time does help you cope with all the new challenges. Many moms have to go out in the world and face reality too, so again, looking and feeling great does help.

What if you had a C-Section? The postpartum shapewear are correct when they state that they help to protect your stitches and also help with pain relief in the incision area. Many moms have used theirs for months after giving birth. It helps with the famous C-Section ‘pouch’, where the skin on the stomach folds a little bit over at the incision line. It does seem reasonable that this would help hold the skin together and then speed up the healing process.

What are some of the postpartum shapewear benefits for you?

You have this wonderful baby. You want to be absorbed with this new life and not be focused on your tummy. Postpartum shapewear benefits include giving the freedom to wear clothes that you love and look good in. Plus you will feel more you do feel more comfortable, more confident as you learn to love your body again. This frees you up to be a happy mom with an equally happy baby.

You will be feeling like everything is flabby, sore and feeling ‘just not right’. Second benefit then, is that the shapewear will just pull everything together, helping you feel more normal and more in control of your body. By pulling and holding the muscles together, your body will heal and strengthen itself.

Extra abdominal support is the third, very much appreciated benefit. Posture is affected by pregnancy. Carrying that extra weight on your tummy had you stooping over. The best postpartum shapewear will help you regain your pre-pregnancy posture, softly reminding you to stand straight, tighten your stomach and broaden your shoulders. So, even if you don’t feel a hundred percent perfect, you look like you do.

Tricks and tips to finding the best postpartum shapewear for you?

You just had a baby. That is an absolutely huge undertaking and you deserve to be kind to yourself. This is not the time to torture but to heal. Choose your shapewear carefully so that it is pleasant and beneficial to you. The following four guidelines will help you do that.

  • Thin, lightweight and breathable fabric (you are sweating more)
  • The right compression (not too tight)
  • The right size (you might have to go a size up)
  • Stays in place and doesn’t roll down (has anti-slip silicone bands)

Look and feel great with the best postpartum body shapewear

Remember the reason for wearing your postpartum tummy shapewear isn’t to just look better, but to help get back to your pre-baby body and to keep everything in its place while your body heals itself.

Postpartum body shapers have actually been used for hundreds of years. Medical reasons for using them were to help repair a common condition that sometimes happens when the mother’s abdominal halves have separated while pregnant.

Also, body shapers are used to alleviate swelling after the mother has given birth. It wraps around the mother’s tummy, compressing her blood vessels and capillaries, thus flushing fluids away from the skin. After what the mother just went through, that must feel reassuring.

Some suggestions for you to try-all from Shapermint:

  • ‘Miraclesuit’: Shape with an Edge High-Waist panty is ultra-comfortable, and tummy-tucking.
  • ‘Co’Coon’ Seamless, antibacterial hip hugger, open bust, body suit (full under-boob support with medium compression for your waist and tummy, holding your butt in place)
  • ‘Miraclesuit’ Shape Away body shaper shorts and Thigh Slimmer (full coverage and compression)

Today’s new moms have an advantage over moms from the past. They do have the choice of using postpartum shapewear to help get back to looking and feeling great again.

postpartum tummy shapewear

Thanks to Shapermint for the infographic.

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