The Truth You are Dying to Know About Waist Trainers

waist trainer corsetThe waist trainer has been around for centuries but recently it has gained popularity (thanks to the Kardashian clan). Here is a new innovative way to lose weight around your midsection and drop instantly two to three dress sizes.

Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Snooky make up part of the long list of celebrities endorsing waist trainers. All of this positive propaganda to quickly whittle away your waistline has a plethora of young and old girls jumping on the bandwagon.

But, just because a celebrity endorses and uses a product, does that guarantee that it actually works? Come on, do you really want to keep up with the Kardashians?

Does the waist trainer really work or does it cause more harm than good?

Keep reading if you are ready to discover the real truth about waist trainers!

What is a Waist trainer?

The original waist trainer has been around since the early 1500’s but it was called a corset back in the day. Designed to compress women’s waists into an hourglass figure, so they could fit in tiny ball gowns. A waist trainer is a sporty version of the old-fashioned corset.

For semi-permanent waist reduction, it is recommended to wear your training belt for at least 8-hours a day, even while exercising. You are allowed to give your body some relief when you take it off to go to sleep, but some celebs after giving birth, wore it 24-7 for the three months post-pregnancy.

Honestly, there doesn’t exist any scientific reasoning or proof to support the promises behind these modern girdles.

You might lose some weight because of the following:

  • It will cause you to sweat more around your midsection, meaning you will be loosing water weight
  • You will be more self-conscience about you tummy, so you will feel less inclined to over eat or devour that huge plate of pasta. So you might lose weight from eating fewer calories.
  • It will improve your posture, making you look slimmer and taller.

Is it dangerous to use a waist trainer?

There are more cons than pros when it comes to using any type of corset belt that compresses your midsection

Here is the scary truth about these slimming girdles:

  • Harms your internal organs
    There are proven medical studies that show how corsets misplaced women’s internal organs. The compression limits the flow of oxygen and blood to your vital organs, which can be fatal. There is a reason that most waist trainers come with a warning not use while exercising, as they can cause you to pass out from the lack of air.
  • Causes atrophy of your abdominal muscles
    Waist clinchers might clinch your waist but can make your core muscles become inactive, as they aren’t being used. If you aren’t using your core abdominal muscles then you are going to lose them. Even the back muscles, get lazy knowing that the belt is going to hold you up straight, so they slowly turn into a pudgy roll of loose skin.


If you decide to use waist trainer it will provide only a temporary solution to a tighter, slimmer waistline but it can be dangerous if you are to extreme about using it.

As with everything moderation is the key, and best solution to an hourglass figure is sweating it out at the gym doing old-fashioned exercise.


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