Truekind Review – Are they worth the hype?

truekind bras review

Let’s be honest, bras haven’t been on my must-have list during 2020, what with working from home this past year.

I have always been a fan of underwire bras for the support and the little extra lift they gave my ladies. However, instead of going for the same old T-shirt bra, I decided to take my sister’s suggestion and try

Spoiler alert… when it comes to bras, I am pretty basic, as I only wear T-shirt bras. I am too lazy to try out new styles or brands. My past experiences with wireless bras have not been positive, either it didn’t lift, gave me a uni-boob, lacked coverage or just the list just goes on. Needless to say, I was quite skeptical about Truekind bras.

But I had to admit that the thought of replacing my poking uncomfortable underwire bras for something more comfortable was appealing. I checked out the new brand online and it seemed pretty legit. One Truekind review claimed that their bras felt as comfy as slipping into a pair of jammies!

But the big question for me was, would it be able to provide support for my ladies? One of the drawbacks with being a 46-yr old woman is that my breasts tend to sag, a little more than I want to admit. I couldn’t help asking myself: Can a wireless bra provide the support to keep my ladies lifted all day long?

I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered the Truekind Daily Comfort Wirefree Shaper bra. The sizing chart was pretty straight-forward. Sizes start at XS to 3XL. According to the sizing chart, I was an XL. The wire-free bra comes in three versatile colors: black, white and nude. I opted for the black color, as I own more black tops than white.

Within two weeks, my Truekind wirefree bra arrived. It was made of lightweight, breathable material with a powerful stretch. The style was simple, but not utilitarian. It was definitely more elegant than a sports bra, but the material was thick enough that I would feel confident enough to wear the bra alone with a pair of leggings.

One of the main reasons why I chose this bra is because it comes with an eye and hook closure. Since I have a bad shoulder, I hate struggling with bras that require me to pull it over my head. The Truekind bra was a breeze to put on and felt like a second skin once it was on.

Once I put the bra on, I knew, immediately, that I had found the perfect wireless bra for large busts! It was ultra-comfy and the wide under-band smoothed out my back bulge. The band didn’t bend or fold over when I sat down, which tends to happen when you have belly like I do.

truekind reviewThe Truekind Shaper bra has definitely changed the way I view wireless bras. I will be trading in my old-fashioned underwire bras for more comfortable options.

Still not convinced? Here are a few other reasons why Truekind wirefree bras are a game-changer:

Less maintenance – All underwire bras require a great deal of extra maintenance. They have to be washed by hand and air dried, otherwise the wires can be bent out of shape in the washing machine. On the other hand, wireless bras can be tossed into the wash with all of your other clothes and simple construction means it lasts longer.

Comfort – Normally, I can’t wait to rip off my bra the minute I walk through my front door. But with the Truekind wirefree bra I found myself actually forgetting I was wearing it. It was so comfy that I even accidently fell asleep a few times wearing it. Plus, it didn’t leave any marks on my skin from the poky metal underwires.

Healthier choice – Studies have shown that wireless bras are actually healthier for our breast and our posture. Recent reports have shown that underwire bras put pressure on our lymphatic tissues, preventing our lymph nodes to properly drain off toxins which could increase the risk of breast cancer.

Prevents sagging – One of the main reasons I always avoided underwire bras was because I assumed that they wouldn’t be able to provide the support for my 40DD’s. But when I tried on my Truekind Shaper bra, I was amazed. Not only did it shape my ladies but they looked perkier and felt happier!

We are living in a day and age that allows us to define our own standard of beauty. Beauty doesn’t need to be uncomfortable, it’s about feeling comfortable in your skin. Our underwire bra is being replaced with a much more comfortable alternative – the wireless bra.

Everything about the Truekind Everyday Essential bra works. Trust me you are going to fall in love!

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