Winter wear 2020 – A complete style guide to the trendiest winter outfits

The cold hard truth about winter fashion is tricky to sum up in a few words. Maybe it is because smack in the middle of the season starts a whole new year that beckons change and improvement. Or perhaps it’s tricky, because no matter how chic that puffy jacket looks on the mannequin, you somehow still end up looking like the Pillsbury doughboy.

Thankfully, winter clothes have been getting more and more refined over the years and 2020 won’t be an exception. This New Year’s will be the ideal time to purge your closet and reinvent your own personal winter style. Some winter trends that started off strong in the beginning of the season have already melted away, such as the ugly sneaker trend, bike shorts and transparent handbags.

Plus, we will show you how to style certain styles with shapewear. If you enjoyed a few too many Christmas goodies this holiday season, trust that we did too! But that is what the holidays are about, letting loose and enjoying the finer things in life, guilt-free!

Monochromatic outfits

monochromatic outfits for winter

If you haven’t tried out this undeniably chic winter outfit yet, you still have time! Choose from stark winter whites to butterscotch or even chocolate browns. If you need a little inspiration, just check her sleek silk two-piece. Get her look with a matching blouse and pencil skirt or trousers. For a more streamlined look, wear with a shaping bodysuit underneath.



Finally we can erase the oversized bulky sweater from our winter wear and replace it with something a little more refined and tailored. Cardigans are one of the most versatile pieces in your closet, as it can be worn almost year round depending on the fabric and never really go out of style. For added comfort, wear a shaping camisole underneath that can be worn as outerwear if you feel warm.

Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves have the power to elevate your mood and look, instantly. Are you wondering how you can incorporate this look into a winter outfit? Try a fitted turtleneck or a winter blazer with puff sleeves for a more romantic style. If you are wearing a blouse similar with a plunging neckline, why don’t you try those stick-on bra cups you have been dying to try out?

Animal print

Animal print boots

Break away from your monotone winter clothes and spice it up with an animal print. We aren’t referring to last year’s cheetah print, but snake, zebra, giraffe or leopard print. These faux snake print boots would look fantastic with black leggings and with a built-in tummy control shapewear.


blazer winter outfit

The ultimate winter outfit is complete with an oversized blazer and pair of high waist skinny jeans and leather boots. If you need a more, dressy style for work, then wear your blazer with a form-fitting pencil skirt or over a dress. The advantage of wearing a dress or skirt with your blazer is you can style it up with printed, netted or coloured hosiery.

Leather Jackets

winter celebrity leather jackets

The quintessential leather jacket never goes out of style. There are literally thousands of different styles out there to choose from, such as Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber show us. The leather jacket is essential winter wear for every girl and today there are some excellent options made from vegan leather too.

Pleated Midi Skirts

Pleated Midi Skirts

Our two all-time favourite styles of skirts combined into one skirt – the pleat and midi. If you can only afford one new ensemble this winter, then this is the investment you should make. The pleated midi skirt will be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe and looks great with sweaters, blouses, puff jackets and blazers. For those days you need to look a little more polished, slip a pair of tummy control boy short panties on underneath.

If you are looking for underwear that makes you feel more comfortable and confident, we recommend the winter offers of Macys, Shapermint, Spanx and Victorias Secret.

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